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Organizations Filed Purposes: The promotion, implementation, and support of music programs in public and private schools for the benefit of students with disabilities and special needs. Our goal is support individual music educators in creating their own United Sound ensembles through training, support, and organizational resources so that all children have access to meaningful and authentic music education and musical experiences.

The promotion, implementation, and support of music programs in public and private schools for the benefit of students with disabilities and special needs.

Production of method training materials (music, books, and other teaching materials) for teachers and students in the United Sound program. We currently have method books available for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, mallet percussion, rhythmic percussion, violin, viola, and cello with a guitar curriculum in the testing stages. The curriculum was created with research-based principles in mind. Using colors and foods, the abstract concepts of music (rhythm and pitch) are transformed into concrete steps. The method books include flash cards and other materials useful in helping New Musicians be successful on their chosen instrument. For example, the flute book would include textured stickers that can be placed on a New Musician's instrument to help them feel as well as see the hand position for each note. The Peer Mentors use these method books, along with the training they receive to create a modified, individualized plan for each New Musician. For the 19-20 academic year, 800 New Musicians (students with disabilities and special needs) and 2,095 Peer Mentors (general education band and orchestra students) participated in United Sound.

Training 2,358 volunteers, teachers, students, and aides from participating United Sound schools who donated more than 56,000 hours during the fiscal year for the United Sound program. This training includes the production of training videos that are made available to teachers and students and conference calls with schools to discuss not only the implementation of a United Sound chapter but also on-going support as needed. In addition, our founder and executive director travels to various programs throughout the country to offer support and training. For the 19-20 school year, United Sound had 119 chapters in schools (middle/junior high, high school, and college) in 26 states.

Giving New Musicians and Peer Mentors the opportunity to perform together at local and national events and conferences/conventions. Even though spring events and performances were cancelled due to COVID-19, we were still able to perform at the following national events and conferences during the 19-20 school year: Blue Devil Exhibition Performances (July), Grand Nationals (November), and The Midwest Clinic (December).

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Julie DutyExecutive Director40$64,063
Rob HunterSecretary1$0
Jennifer ThyeTreasurer1$0
Brian MikesChairman1$0

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