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Organizations Filed Purposes: Americares mission is to saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential. To accomplish this, Americares invests in local health centers: When local health centers thrive, so do people in their communities-with better health, more opportunities and increasingly productive lives. As the world's leading nonprofit provider of donated medicines and supplies, americares reached 83 countries in FY20 with medicine, medical supplies, support and technology assistance valued at nearly $1.07 billion through our access to medicine, emergency programs and clinics to communities programs. AMERICARES REACHES AN UNRIVALED NETWORK OF OVER 4,000 LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL HEALTH CARE INSTITUTIONS AND FACILITIES THAT INCLUDE HOSPITALS, CLINICS, LOCAL HEALTH CENTERS, MINISTRIES OF HEALTH AND NONPROFIT HEALTH CARE NETWORKS AND PROVIDERS. WORKING THROUGH THIS NETWORK, AMERICARES has three core programs: - INCREASING ACCESS TO CRITICAL

AMERICARES IS A health-focused relief & development organization that responds to people affected by poverty or disaster with life-changing health programs, medicine & supplies.

Access to Medicine Americares is working to improve health outcomes for patients in under-resourced communities by increasing access to quality medicines and supplies for local health providers and the people and communities they serve. A strong and expanding network of over 200 pharmaceutical and medical supply corporations donate these medicines, medical supplies, personal care products, medical equipment and technology. We distribute these donations to our global partner network through two initiatives: The Global Access to Medicine Program, which distributes high-quality medicines directly to a network of partners in 28 countries. Partners are selected for their capacity to securely and effectively process and utilize Americares medical and supply donations. Americares also supports volunteer medical teams as they provide primary care, perform surgeries, respond to health emergencies and strengthen local health care capacity in communities where basic medical care is often non-existent or inaccessible. Last year Americares provided these teams with $52 million in donated medicines and supplies as well as medical training tools and resources which they used to provide care in 68 countries. The U.S. Program, which is a network of 965 safety net health care providers throughout the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. Again, partners are selected for their capacity to securely and effectively process and utilize Americares medical and supply donations. Americares is the leading nonprofit provider of medical aid to the U.S. health care safety net. In all, Americares provided aid valued at over $1 billion through our Access to Medicine program, including enough medicine to fill 9.9 million prescriptions and 17 million medical supplies. We estimate that 1.7 million people benefited from the medicine alone.

Emergency Programs From July 2019 to June 2020, Americares responded to 41 natural disasters and humanitarian crises in 29 countries, including the United States and three U.S. territories, with technical assistance, shipments of medicines and emergency supplies as well as preparedness, response and recovery projects. The COVID-19 pandemic is among these. In February 2020, Americares began responding to what was then an epidemic and, by June 30, the end of our fiscal year, Americares had reached 13 countries with $12 million in aid to battle the declared pandemic. Shipments included more than 3.5 million supplies, including critically needed PPE and disinfectants. In the United States, by June 30, Americares support reached health centers, hospitals and frontline health workers in 36 states, the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. Across all emergencies in FY20, Americares Emergency Programs delivered nearly $42 million in emergency and disaster aid, including shipments of medicines and relief supplies as well as grants and direct programming estimated to reach 203,000 people. This included emergency preparedness programming in 15 U.S. states, one U.S. territory, El Salvador and the Philippines. Americares comprehensive program to provide primary care services to Venezuelan migrants and Colombian returnees in Colombia continued in FY20. Americares partnered with ten public health facilities and, from August 2019 to August 2020, conducted 145,845 patient consultations, including 21,256 prenatal consultations and 24,220 mental health consultations between fixed facilities and mobile clinics. In addition, Americares added a laboratory and ultrasound component to better support pregnant women. With the outbreak of COVID-19, Americares adapted to continue to meet the needs of patients and the community, providing PPE to staff and installing handwashing stations and providing safety information for patients. FY20 responses 1. Bahamas: COVID-19, Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Matthew 2. Bangladesh: Rohingya refugee crisis 3. Colombia: COVID-19, Venezuela regional crisis 4. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ebola 5. Dominica: Hurricane Maria recovery 6. Dominican Republic: COVID-19 7. El Salvador: COVID-19, Tropical Storm Amanda 8. Haiti: COVID-19 9. Honduras: COVID-19 10. India: COVID-19, Kerala floods, Assam and Bihar floods, Cyclone Amphan, Cyclone Bulbul, Maharashtra and Karnataka floods 11. Indonesia: Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami 12. Jamaica: COVID-19 13. Jordan: Syrian refugee crisis 14. Lebanon: COVID-19 15. Malawi: COVID-19, Cyclone Idai recovery 16. Marshall Islands: Dengue outbreak 17. Nepal: Early monsoon rains 18. Pakistan: earthquake 19. Peru: COVID-19, Venezuela regional crisis 20. Philippines: COVID-19, Dengue outbreak, Taal volcanic eruption, earthquake, Typhoon Kammuri 21. Samoa: Measles outbreak 22. Sierra Leone: COVID-19, landslide 23. St. Lucia: COVID-19 24. Somalia: Drought and nutrition crisis 25. Syria: Political conflict 26. Tanzania: COVID-19 27. United States and territories: Arizona: COVID-19 Arkansas: Demonstrations, Central U.S. severe weather California: COVID-19, Ridgecrest earthquake, wildfires Colorado: COVID-19 Connecticut: COVID-19 Delaware: COVID-19 Florida: COVID-19, Hurricane Dorian, Hepatitis A outbreak, Hurricane Michael recovery Georgia: COVID-19, Hurricane Dorian Idaho: COVID-19 Illinois: COVID-19 Indiana: COVID-19, water crisis Louisiana: COVID-19, Cyclone Barry Massachusetts: COVID-19 Maryland: COVID-19 Michigan: COVID-19, Midland floods Minnesota: COVID-19 Missouri: COVID-19 Mississippi: COVID-19, Southern U.S. flooding Montana: COVID-19 North Carolina: COVID-19 New Hampshire: COVID-19 New Jersey: COVID-19, Newark potable water crisis New Mexico: COVID-19 Nevada: COVID-19 New York: COVID-19 Ohio: COVID-19 Oklahoma: COVID-19, Central U.S. severe weather Oregon: COVID-19 Pennsylvania: COVID-19 Tennessee: COVID-19, tornado Texas: COVID-19, Rio Grande flooding, Tropical Depression Imelda, Hurricane Harvey recovery, Central America migration crisis Virginia: COVID-19 Washington: COVID-19 Wisconsin: COVID-19 West Virginia: COVID-19 District of Columbia: COVID-19 Northern Mariana Islands: COVID-19 Puerto Rico: COVID-19, earthquakes, Hurricane Maria recovery Virgin Island: Hurricane Irma 28. Venezuela: Crisis 29. Yemen: Complex emergency Americares emergency programs rely on the close partnerships we share with our broad network of health care providers. By investing in local capacity, Americares is ensuring that communities can respond effectively to emergencies, engage in long-term recoveries and integrate disaster preparedness into their ongoing operations.

Clinics to Communities Americares supports the capacity of local health delivery partners and promotes health and disease prevention in low-income communities across the U.S. and worldwide. This is work is paramount to protecting health during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Through work in our own clinics and that of our partners, Americares provided more than $15 million in value in our Clinics to Communities program. In 2019-2020, Americares clinic in El Salvador, Clinica Integral de Atencion Familiar, remained open, operating under the Salvadoran governments COVID-19 restrictions. The clinic provided 37,482 people with 53,283 clinical consultations. In addition, our partners, Americares India and Americares Free Clinics, in Connecticut, provided an additional 117,951 clinical consultations, many over video or phone, as COVID-19 restrictions limited in-person care. Americares also engages deeply with its global network of partners to develop effective models of quality care. Americares-supported initiatives included: support for free and charitable clinics in the U.S. so they can reach Patient Centered Medical Home certification; in Guatemala, specialized training for health workers around prenatal nutrition matched with a supply of prenatal vitamins; in the Philippines, health worker training in Northern Cebu five municipalities to provide mental health and psychosocial counseling within the clinic and throughout the community. In FY20, Americares supported nearly 28,000 surgeries performed by U.S.-based medical volunteers on 685 short-term medical outreach trips to 68 countries. These teams also provided host institutions in 23 countries with more than 750 pulse oximeters provided by Americares Through our Safe Surgery Initiative. In the Philippines, where Americares trained 1,765 health workers on the use of pulse oximeters, 97 percent of health workers showed increased knowledge of pulse oximetry after training sessions. Americares also provides resources and training so health workers can better serve their communities and improve the health of low-income patients. In FY20, Americares increased the capacity of 10,129 health workers to meet the health needs of their communities as well as protect their own health and wellbeing. In our community health work, we address the root causes of illness and disease, employing an integrated approach that links treatment services to disease prevention efforts and health education. All programs promote evidence-based best practices and are designed to the highest standards of project planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. In FY20, Americares community health programs included community education and handwashing stations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In addition, Americares programs spanned a range of health themes including noncommunicable disease, womens and childrens health and psychosocial health. Examples include: - In Haiti, Americares provided 100 handwashing stations to two communities, trained community health workers on COVID-19 epidemiology, safety and risk awareness, disseminated 1,000 fliers, reached more than 36,000 people with public health messaging around COVID-19. - In the Philippines, to support communities through the COVID pandemic, Americares generated greater mental health and psychosocial awareness around anxiety and depression with radio messaging and increased hand hygiene education through banners and flyers. - In and around Mwanza, Tanzania, Americares conducted 405 radio broadcasts to raise awareness of birth injuries (fistula), funded repair surgeries for 164 women and provided psychosocial counseling for nearly 200 women. - In El Salvador, Americares hypertension, diabetes and malnutrition program included close to 100 community education sessions, nearly 1,000 consultations with patients and over 4,000 educational text messages to diagnosed patients, with 67.9 percent of hypertensive patients showing a reduction in mean arterial pressure.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Michael J NyenhuisPresident/CEO (Thru 03/2020)40$438,323
Christine SquiresPresident/CEO (as of 03/2020)40$314,627
Richard K TrowbridgeCFO, Treasurer, SVP, GIK Ops40$265,442
Jed SelkowitzCMO & SVP, COMMUNICATIONS40$265,075
E Anne Peterson MdSVP Global Prog (Thru 06/2020)40$250,143
Kevin GilrainSenior V.P., Human resources40$220,581
Rachel GrangerV.P. Int'l Partnrshps&Programs40$177,714
Susan WillettSr. Director, Controller40$168,503
Vish JainVP Information Technology40$167,962
Jenny Goldstein As OfSVP & Chief Development Offic.40$165,514
Julie VarugheseVP Tech Unit and CMO40$161,836
Melissa WoolfordV.P., Leadership Gifts40$158,286
Diana MaguireV.P., Institutional Relations40$155,950
Martha KennardVP, Global Prog Ops40$145,785
Megin WolfmanSVP & COS (as of 04/2020)40$136,805
Geoff KneiselV.P., Corporate Relations40$134,688
Michael UllmannDirector1$0
Sarah Saint-AmandDirector1$0
Stephen SadoveDirector1$0
Alan RwambuyaDirector1$0
Joseph J Rucci JrDir. & Secretary(Thru 06/2020)1$0
Mehdi MahmudDirector1$0
Jerry P LeamonChairman1$0
Paul J KuehnerDirector1$0
Francine KatsoudasDirector1$0
Samhita JayantiVice Chairman1$0
Bryan C HansonDirector (thru 06/2020)1$0
Susan Grossmandirector1$0
Tony Goldwyndirector1$0
Stephen GallucciDirector1$0
Elizabeth F FrankDirector1$0
Roberta ConroyDirector1$0
Katherine Close MdDirector1$0
Jeffrey T BeckerDirector1$0
Robert M BaylisDirector1$0
Carol B BauerDIRECTOR (Thru 06/2020)1$0
Percival Barretto-KoDirector (as of 01/2020)1$0
Elizabeth P AllenDirector1$0

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