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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Rapid Results Institute is a non-profit organization that unleashes the power of front-line teams to create transformative impact on complex societal issues. The RRI methodology and the 100-Day Challenge inspires those closest to the problem to set unreasonable goals, and harness the intense levels of innovation, collaboration, and execution required to achieve them. This choreography places teams at the forefront, and supports leaders in leveraging these initial goals into sustained, long term impact. RRI has emerged as a pioneer in applying this method with governments and communities around the world - including work in homelessness, healthcare, and criminal justice systems.

RRI catalyzes and accelerates scalable solution to critical societal problems to improve the lives of people in communities around the world.

1. Youth Homelessness in the USIn 2019, we continued our work in the national movement to prevent and end youth homelessness in the United States by launching 14 more 100-Day Challenges.These 100-Day Challenges on Youth Homelessness took place in communities all across the US, in three diverse cohorts. Some of the communities included Chicago, IL, Santa Clara County, CA, and Tompkins County, NY. Included in this count was an exciting statewide initiative in Connecticut, where 7 regions launched 100-Day Challenges simultaneously. Across these three cohorts, 859 youth and young adults were safely and stably housed in the 100 days. With the RRI 100-Day Challenge as the on-ramp, these communities have now joined the growing movement to prevent and end youth homelessness, and they continue to make strides towards ending youth homelessness in their communities. This now brings the overall total to 3,465 youth and young adults housed during thirty five 100-Day Challenges. Additionally, more 100-Day Challenges are currently underway or have been completed in youth homelessness, with more planned for the future. 2. Criminal Justice System in MexicoThe work in Mexico continued to grow. The 100-Day Challenges in the justice sector now also focus on increasing access to justice for victims and the accused, in addition to helping local criminal justice systems improve case resolution in high incidence crimes. In 2017 and 2018, we launched twenty two 100-Day Challenges in nine cities across Mexico. These were completed in 2018 and led to huge lifts in key indicators of system performance in each city -- such as the rate of resolution of open cases in domestic violence and robbery. In 2019, we launched a third wave of 100-Day Challenges, with 18 teams across five states focused on more sophisticated and complex situations - including a state-wide Challenge in Coahuila with the participation of five cities. These 100-Day Challenges not only improved the case resolution rate of domestic violence and other high incidence crimes, but they also improved the quality with which these cases were handled. In each city, 100-Day Challenge teams included judges, public defense attorneys, prosecutors, police, and representatives from civil society and advocacy groups (e.g. victims of domestic violence) and the private sector. The work was done in partnership with the Promoting Justice Project (Projust) team, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development. 3. Embedding 100-Day Challenges Within the UAE Prime Minister's OfficeIn 2019, we were invited back by the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister's Office, to create a training program for the UAE Government Accelerators program we originally helped develop and launch. This program accelerates the implementation of projects, instills a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Government, and encourages integration among Government entities and with the private sector. Building on this work, the UAE Government Accelerators Diploma Program trains emerging leaders from government and universities to develop, launch, and facilitate 100-Day Challenges within their own agencies - strengthening their own leadership capabilities in the process and striving towards a culture of egoless leadership. The first cohort of the Diploma program consisted of 17 successful 100-Day Challenges across several different areas of government and universities. Using the curriculum we developed and implemented for them, the UAE Government Accelerators Department will continue to train leaders to launch these initiatives.

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