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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Chamber of Commerce serves its members and the nation's business community by analyzing national economic and social issues and by helping legislators and national leaders to shape policies and proposals to foster the development of American business.

Research and track issues affecting the business community and support pro-business legislation, regulations, and political activities.

Enhance the competitiveness of business in the global marketplace. Lobby for business' trade agendas and manage programs that educate American companies about trade opportunities.

Work closely with associations and state and local chambers of commerce to build awareness of and involvement in top policy issues and generate grassroots momentum.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Thomas J DonohuePres & CEO/Director1$6,909,025
Agnes Warfield-BlancEVP, Dev and Fund40$3,860,792
Suzanne P ClarkSr Exec VP34$2,468,998
Thomas CollamoreSVP, Comm & Strat, Cnsl & Ops40$2,241,130
Myron BrilliantEVP & Head Intl40$1,928,483
David T HirschmannPres/CEO, CCMC/GIPC/C_Tec40$1,856,734
Karen HarbertPres & CEO, Energy Inst40$1,209,946
Justin WallerCMO & SVP, Ops40$1,024,332
Lily Fu ClaffeeSVP, Gnl Cnsl/CLO & Secry25$934,574
Neil BradleyEVP & Chief Policy Officer40$860,102
Stan M HarrellSVP & CFO40$775,788
John W HowardSVP, Congrsnl & Public Affairs40$717,185
Robert J EngstromCurr Emp Frmr Key Empl SVP, Pol Aff & Fed Rel40$390,000
John WoodSVP, Gnl Cnsl/CLO & Secry25$305,424
Greg LebedevDirector/Consultant1$290,000
Michael A ZarconeDirector1$0
Elanna S Yalow Phd MbaDirector1$0
Allen WrightDirector1$0
Christopher C WomackDirector1$0
Heather WingateDirector1$0
Thomas J WilsonDirector1$0
Mark E Watson IiiDirector1$0
Kevin WarrenDirector1$0
Edward WanandiDirector1$0
Todd WalkerDirector1$0
Raymond WagnerDirector1$0
Frank L VanderslootReg Vice Chair NW/Director1$0
Steve Van AndelDirector1$0
Joseph B UcuzogluDirector1$0
Maxine TurnerDirector1$0
David ThorneDirector1$0
Brandon W SweitzerDirector1$0
Frank C SullivanDirector1$0
Richard K StudleyDirector1$0
James E StephensonDirector1$0
Charles R Stamp JrDirector1$0
Paul S SperanzaDirector1$0
Christel Slaughter PhdDirector1$0
Rajendra SinghDirector1$0
Eric SilagyDirector1$0
Donald J ShepardDirector1$0
Matthew ShayDirector1$0
Gerald L ShaheenReg Vice Chair West/Director1$0
Tracy G SchmidtDirector1$0
James SchenckDirector1$0
John ScheibDirector1$0
David T SeatonDirector1$0
Edward B Rust JrDirector1$0
John Ruan IiiReg Vice Chair SW/Director1$0
Matthew K RoseDirector1$0
Martin H RichenhagenDirector1$0
Robert W QuinnDirector1$0
James M PowerDirector1$0
Thomas A PelletteDirector1$0
Mark S OrdanReg Vice Chair East/Director1$0
Karen M Olson BeenkenDirector1$0
Brian O'HaraDirector1$0
C Howard NyeDirector1$0
George Nichols IiiDirector1$0
Susan K NeelyDirector1$0
Dayton H MolendorpDirector1$0
John MingeDirector1$0
Robert S MilliganReg Vice Chr Mdwst/Dir1$0
Rance C MilesDirector1$0
Sherry Menor-McnamaraDirector1$0
James W MendenhallDirector1$0
Edward MccoyDirector1$0
Phillip R MayDirector1$0
Andrew D LundquistDirector1$0
Tamara L LundgrenDirector1$0
Christopher B Lofgren PhdDirector1$0
William G LittleReg Vice Chair Great Lakes/Director1$0
Jon LindekugelDirector1$0
Hank LinginfelterDirector1$0
Elaine R LeavenworthDirector1$0
Laura LaneDirector1$0
Jessie J Knight JrDirector1$0
Paul KlaassenDirector1$0
Raymond F Kerins JrDirector1$0
Frederick KempeDirector1$0
Charles J KalilReg Vice Chair Great Lakes/Dir1$0
Fred KaiserDirector1$0
Jan JonesDirector1$0
Stephen JohnsonDirector1$0
Paula JohnsonReg Vice Chair SW/Director1$0
Jj JohnsonDirector1$0
Elliot J JaffeeDirector1$0
David JacobsonDirector1$0
Gregory IraceDirector1$0
John L HopkinsDirector1$0
J Thomas HillDirector1$0
Bradley M HalversonDirector1$0
Hp GoldfieldDirector1$0
Bruce A GatesDirector1$0
John E GallinaDirector1$0
Robert FunckDirector1$0
Craig L FullerDirector1$0
Lance M FritzDirector1$0
Adena FriedmanDirector1$0
Lisa FlavinDirector1$0
Michael FlanniganDirector1$0
Sean FinnDirector1$0
Robert D FatovicDirector1$0
Terri FarielloDirector1$0
Shawn FaganDirector1$0
Michael L DuckerDirector1$0
Maura W DonahueDirector1$0
Brackett B Denniston IiiDirector1$0
Steven J DemetriouDirector1$0
Mitchell DelkDirector1$0
Ralph De La TorreDirector1$0
Steven DavisDirector1$0
Bruce CulpepperDirector1$0
Joseph W Craft IiiDirector1$0
Charles CopelandDirector1$0
Adam CooperDirector1$0
Ken W ColeReg Vice Chair SE/Director1$0
Kevin CliffordDirector1$0
Chris ClarkDirector1$0
Douglas CifuDirector1$0
James M CarrollDirector1$0
Chuck BrymerDirector1$0
Michelle H BrowdyDirector1$0
Jim BradyDirector1$0
John F BiagasDirector1$0
Thomas D Bell JrDirector1$0
Kathy G BeckettDirector1$0
Hector V BarretoDirector1$0
Gene BarrDirector1$0
Arnold BakerDirector1$0
Richard H BaggerDirector1$0
John W BachmannDirector1$0
Lee R Anderson SrDirector1$0
Scott AndersonDirector1$0
Stewart AlvarezDirector1$0
Anthony J AllottDirector1$0
Harry C AlfordDirector1$0
Robert O AgbedeDirector1$0
Andrew AbboudDirector1$0

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