505 20th Street North No 200, Birmingham, AL 35203

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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Birmingham Business Alliance is a dynamic advocate, unifying voice and constant catalyst for economic development and business prosperity for the Greater Birmingham Region.

The Birmingham Business Alliance is a dynamic advocate, unifying voice and constant catalyst for economic development and business prosperity for the Greater Birmingham Region. The Birmingham Business Alliance takes a leadership role in promoting the region's economic development and business prosperity through four key initiatives: creating a unified forum for business and community leaders; capitalizing on the Region's strengths to unleash its potential; implementing an aggressive program for economic development; cultivating a 21st century workforce.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Brian HilsonPresident and CEO40$412,162
John CookCFO (outgoing)40$215,512
Richard DavisSenior VP of Economic Development40$176,936
Leondras JacksonSenior VP of Public Policy40$123,542
Jonathan NugentVP of Innovation and Technology40$117,497
Victor BrownVP of Business Development40$109,164
Mark BrownVP of Business Retention and Expansion40$108,889
Bingham D Edwards JrSecretary1$0
Mark A CrosswhiteImmediate Past Chairman of the Board1$0
George T French JrVice Chair of Workforce Development1$0
Don LoganVice Chair of Communications1$0
Leigh CollierVice Chair of Finance1$0
Michael D ThompsonVice Chair of Public Policy1$0
Lee Smith JrChairman of the Board-Elect1$0
Ray L WattsChairman of the Board1$0
Sheffield YoungTrustee1$0
Charles YeatesTrustee1$0
Randall WoodfinTrustee1$0
Howard WiseTrustee1$0
Paul WilsonTrustee1$0
Nick WillisTrustee1$0
Denson WhiteTrustee1$0
Bobby WhiteTrustee1$0
Jennifer WhisenantTrustee1$0
Stewart WelchTrustee1$0
Spencer WeitmanTrustee1$0
Ray WattsTrustee1$0
Wayne WatkinsTrustee1$0
Mike WarrenTrustee1$0
Perry WardTrustee1$0
Kennon WalthallTrustee1$0
Rob WadeTrustee1$0
Tim VinesTrustee1$0
Paul VercherTrustee1$0
Jeff UnderwoodTrustee1$0
Bayard TynesTrustee1$0
John TurnerTrustee1$0
Chris TravisTrustee1$0
Jeff TomkoTrustee1$0
Bill ToddTrustee1$0
Arthur TiptonTrustee1$0
Brad TinneyTrustee1$0
Dave ThompsonTrustee1$0
Tammy ThompsonTrustee1$0
Michael ThompsonTrustee1$0
Vivian TerryTrustee1$0
Mike TerryTrustee1$0
Gerald TempletonTrustee1$0
Sandy SyxTrustee1$0
Sarah StumpfTrustee1$0
Dan StracenerTrustee1$0
Deborah StephensTrustee1$0
Stan StarnesTrustee1$0
Lori SnodgrassTrustee1$0
Tad SniderTrustee1$0
Don SmithTrustee1$0
Deborah SmithTrustee1$0
Chip SmallwoodTrustee1$0
Robert SimonTrustee1$0
Clay SimmonsTrustee1$0
Rick ShepherdTrustee1$0
Greg SharpTrustee1$0
Linda SewellTrustee1$0
David SensemanTrustee1$0
John SchumanTrustee1$0
John SchultzTrustee1$0
Kelly SchruppTrustee1$0
Paul SchabackerTrustee1$0
Robin SavageTrustee1$0
Antonio SankeyTrustee1$0
Brad RollowTrustee1$0
James RobinsonTrustee1$0
Robbie RobertsonTrustee1$0
Brett RichardsTrustee1$0
Brenda ReidTrustee1$0
Brook RedmondTrustee1$0
William RatliffTrustee1$0
Joan RagsdaleTrustee1$0
Stuart RaburnTrustee1$0
Brent PridgenTrustee1$0
Bradford PriceTrustee1$0
R William PradatTrustee1$0
Wilmer PoynorTrustee1$0
Craig PounceyTrustee1$0
Brenda PondTrustee1$0
Jeremy PipkinTrustee1$0
Tony PicklesimerTrustee1$0
Ralph ParrishTrustee1$0
Daniel ParkerTrustee1$0
John OrosTrustee1$0
Henry O'NealTrustee1$0
Dean O'DonaldTrustee1$0
Barbara MurdockTrustee1$0
Teri MullaneyTrustee1$0
Hugh MorrowTrustee1$0
Vance MoodyTrustee1$0
Frank MontgomeryTrustee1$0
Guy MitchellTrustee1$0
Lance MitchellTrustee1$0
Michael MeeksTrustee1$0
Mark MeadowsTrustee1$0
James McmanusTrustee1$0
John McmahonTrustee1$0
Joe McgeeTrustee1$0
Thomas McgaheyTrustee1$0
Mark MccutcheonTrustee1$0
Tyler MccarthyTrustee1$0
Leroy McabeeTrustee1$0
Randy MarshTrustee1$0
Harry LynchTrustee1$0
Tom LuckieTrustee1$0
John LovoyTrustee1$0
Jesse LewisTrustee1$0
James LeeTrustee1$0
Michael LanierTrustee1$0
Eric LandTrustee1$0
Dan KochTrustee1$0
Kim KnowlesTrustee1$0
J Fred KingrenTrustee1$0
Henry KingTrustee1$0
Sandy KillionTrustee1$0
Wayne KillionTrustee1$0
David KassoufTrustee1$0
Randall JordanTrustee1$0
T M JonesTrustee1$0
Darryl JonesTrustee1$0
Reid JonesTrustee1$0
Sean JohnsonTrustee1$0
Randy JohnsonTrustee1$0
John JohnsTrustee1$0
Quinnie Jenkins-RiceTrustee1$0
Bethanne JenkinsTrustee1$0
Zachary JacobsenTrustee1$0
D Bruce IrwinTrustee1$0
C Wayne HutchensTrustee1$0
Rob HunterTrustee1$0
W Paul HuckebaTrustee1$0
Virginia HousermanTrustee1$0
Coreata HouserTrustee1$0
Laurie HoltTrustee1$0
Stan HogelandTrustee1$0
Thomas HoffmanTrustee1$0
Patrick HenryTrustee1$0
William HenkeTrustee1$0
Raymond HarbertTrustee1$0
Herschell HamiltonTrustee1$0
Gene HallmanTrustee1$0
Bart HallTrustee1$0
John HackettTrustee1$0
Robin GreenleeTrustee1$0
Chris GreenTrustee1$0
David GrayTrustee1$0
Steve GrahamTrustee1$0
T Michael GoodrichTrustee1$0
Nancy GoedeckeTrustee1$0
Gary GlasscockTrustee1$0
Kristen GehmanTrustee1$0
Bob GatesTrustee1$0
George FrenchTrustee1$0
Will FernianyTrustee1$0
Tim FergusonTrustee1$0
Jack EyerTrustee1$0
Steve EricksonTrustee1$0
Jason EppengerTrustee1$0
Lee EdwardsTrustee1$0
Leon EdwardsTrustee1$0
Melody EaganTrustee1$0
J Allen DunnTrustee1$0
Bruce DunbarTrustee1$0
Mark DrewTrustee1$0
Walton DosterTrustee1$0
Jim DixonTrustee1$0
Robert DickersonTrustee1$0
Al DensonTrustee1$0
Todd DeckerTrustee1$0
James DavisTrustee1$0
Patrick CushmanTrustee1$0
Ashley CurryTrustee1$0
Mark CrosswhiteTrustee1$0
Jimmy CromwellTrustee1$0
Stephen CriglerTrustee1$0
Scott CottonTrustee1$0
Tony CooperTrustee1$0
George ConstantineTrustee1$0
William ConnorTrustee1$0
Jonathan CohenTrustee1$0
Al CasonTrustee1$0
David CarringtonTrustee1$0
Patrick CarltonTrustee1$0
Todd CarlisleTrustee1$0
Bradley CainTrustee1$0
Stephen BrownTrustee1$0
Keith BrownTrustee1$0
Frank BrocatoTrustee1$0
Steve BriggsTrustee1$0
William BowronTrustee1$0
James BottomTrustee1$0
Stan BlantonTrustee1$0
Gordon BlairTrustee1$0
Scott BerteTrustee1$0
John BeehlerTrustee1$0
Matthew BeardTrustee1$0
John BeardTrustee1$0
Nelson BeanTrustee1$0
Dan BasikTrustee1$0
James BarnettTrustee1$0
Kevin BarksdaleTrustee1$0
Spencer AtkinsTrustee1$0
Eddie AllenTrustee1$0
Jason AlexanderTrustee1$0
Edward AldagTrustee1$0
Andrew WestmorelandDirector & Trustee1$0
Joel WelkerDirector1$0
Ray L WattsDirector1$0
W Michael Warren JrDirector1$0
Perry W WardDirector1$0
Jt Jabo WaggonerDirector1$0
Paul E VercherDirector1$0
Fernando ValentinDirector1$0
Jos Antonio ValenciaDirector1$0
Mac UnderwoodDirector & Trustee1$0
Mike TracyDirector & Trustee1$0
Art TiptonDirector1$0
W Lee ThustonDirector & Trustee1$0
Michael D ThompsonDirector1$0
Andrea TaylorDirector & Trustee1$0
Mark TarrDirector & Trustee1$0
Lee J Styslinger IiiDirector1$0
John StewartDirector & Trustee1$0
W Stancil StarnesDirector1$0
Steve SpencerDirector1$0
Zeke SmithDirector1$0
Robert SmithDirector & Trustee1$0
Lee Smith JrDirector1$0
Ken SmithDirector & Trustee1$0
Hatton SmithDirector & Trustee1$0
Deborah Alley SmithDirector1$0
Bill SmithDirector1$0
Thomas SissonDirector1$0
Sanjay SinghDirector1$0
Robert A SimonDirector1$0
David SherDirector1$0
Greg SankeyDirector1$0
Brad SandidgeDirector1$0
John H RobertsDirector1$0
David RobersonDirector1$0
Hernn PradoDirector1$0
Jonathan K PorterDirector1$0
Charles K PorterDirector1$0
Nyya Parson-HudsonDirector1$0
Keith ParrottDirector & Trustee1$0
Daniel PahosDirector & Trustee1$0
John OwenDirector1$0
Mike OatridgeDirector1$0
Henry Craft OnealDirector1$0
Claude B NielsenDirector1$0
Bill MortonDirector1$0
Charles M Miller JrDirector1$0
C Phillip McwaneDirector & Trustee1$0
James T Mcmanus IiDirector1$0
Joel McmahonDirector & Trustee1$0
Burton McdonaldDirector & Trustee1$0
Fred MccallumDirector1$0
Edgar B MarxDirector1$0
Don LoganDirector1$0
Bruce LimbaughDirector & Trustee1$0
Timothy A LewisDirector1$0
Jesse J Lewis SrDirector1$0
James C Lee IiiDirector1$0
Devon LaneyDirector1$0
Terry KelloggDirector1$0
Randall W JordanDirector1$0
John D JohnsDirector1$0
Jason HoffDirector & Trustee1$0
J Thomas HillDirector & Trustee1$0
Brian HeslopDirector & Trustee1$0
Patrick T HenryDirector1$0
Raymond J HarbertDirector1$0
Herschell L HamiltonDirector1$0
O B Grayson Hall JrDirector1$0
Grant HainesDirector & Trustee1$0
Jay GrinneyDirector1$0
Michael GrimDirector1$0
John B Beau GrenierDirector1$0
Keith GrangerDirector & Trustee1$0
M James GorrieDirector & Trustee1$0
Nancy C GoedeckeDirector1$0
David K GermanyDirector1$0
Jonathan GeisenDirector1$0
Will FrenchDirector & Trustee1$0
George T French JrDirector1$0
Ann D FlorieDirector1$0
Linda Flaherty-GoldsmithDirector & Trustee1$0
Alex EdgeworthDirector1$0
Felix M Drennen IiiDirector1$0
Walton C DosterDirector1$0
David DicksonDirector & Trustee1$0
Gregory S CurranDirector1$0
Mark A CrosswhiteDirector1$0
Bill ConnorDirector1$0
Leigh CollierDirector1$0
W Todd CarlisleDirector1$0
Robert O BurtonDirector1$0
Brian BucherDirector1$0
Thomas BrighamDirector & Trustee1$0
Tim BreenDirector & Trustee1$0
David BowsherDirector & Trustee1$0
William A Bowron JrDirector1$0
M Stanford BlantonDirector1$0
Neeysa BiddleDirector1$0
Neal BerteDirector1$0
William A Bell SrDirector1$0
John G BeardDirector1$0
Nelson S BeanDirector1$0
Jeffrey A BayerDirector1$0
Ed AldagDirector1$0
Leroy AbrahamsDirector1$0

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