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Organizations Filed Purposes: To facilitate projects that empower citizens and educate decision makers on issues that have the potential to harm human health or the environment, and offer alternative solutions which are environmentally just and sustainable.

The Organization's major program service accomplishments included: ** Moms2B Avoid Fluoride - this campaign educates pregnant women and their families on the Mother Offspring studies. These studies, financed by U.S. agencies (National Institutes of Health, National Environmental Health Studies Project and the EPA), found that higher levels of fluoride in a pregnant woman's urine has the potential to lead to a significant loss of IQ in their offspring. ** Environmental Justice ("EJ") - Fluoride Action Network contracted with Robin Lewis, an EJ activist, to educate EJ communities on the risks of exposure to fluoride, especially to pregnant women and bottle-fed infants whose formula is reconstituted with fluoridated tap water. ** Education - Educating the public and governmental officials on the neurotoxicity of fluoride remains our strongest commitment. We continued with our ongoing lawsuit against the EPA under the "Toxic Control Substances Act" to end the use of neurotoxic fluoridation chemicals. We conducted our education efforts through our: online bulletins; Study-Tracker (the largest repository of news articles on fluoride); repository of government reports from the US, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and other countries; videos; and other means.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Ellen ConnettSecretary & Treasurer45$24,000
Michael ConnettFormer Executive Director1.8$12,600
Paul Connett PhdPresident45$10,000
Rick NorthDirector2$0
Dawna GallagherDirector2$0
Neil CarmanDirector5$0
J William HirzyDirector10$0
William Osmunson DdsChair10$0
Katie LajoieDirector5$0
David Kennedy DdsDirector20$0

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