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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Mission of Mothers & Babies is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes and to support the health and development of all individuals and families.

Board President, Rich Keehle: "As we close out the 2018-19 fiscal year, it is invigorating to reflect on the outcomes we have achieved through all our services. Our staff's commitment is evident in the desired and valued programs that our community depends on! While our staff serve families every day, the commitment and oversight of the Board of Directors is equally important to the sustainability of Mothers& Babies. Over the past year, our Board members embarked on the creation of a new Strategic Plan to provide us the platform to achieve our mission and vision as we face evolving changes and challenges. This year's Fashion Gala held in April at the Double Tree Hotel exceeded past years fund-raising and attendance goals by generating nearly $40,000 in revenue! As our largest fund-raising event, this result is paramount for Mothers & Babies given the unpredictable nature of both State and Federal Grant/funding programs. Many thanks and special recognition to the Board members who did the planning for the event as well as everyone who volunteered and helped make it successful. A critical part of Mothers & Babies' success is due to the many agencies and other entities with which we partner. We sincerely appreciate their collaboration and know that by only working together, will we be able to achieve improvements in community and individual health. We look forward to continuing to serve new individuals and families in need in the upcoming year. 2018-19 performance: The volume of services provided by Mothers & Babies staff (of 32) is extraordinary with over 12,000 individuals served through our 4 program areas. We are proud that Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network (M&BPN) continues to be recognized as a strong and successful organization and for our programs and staff. Our Mission remains: to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes and to promote the optimal health and development of individuals and families. We focus on reducing infant mortality and morbidity, improving pregnancy and birth outcomes, and promoting and supporting families. During the past year ending 6/30/19 we accomplished the following: Our Community Health Workers helped 1,030 women attain health insurance, find a provider or other health supportive professionals, identify family planning options and providers, find housing, set & achieve goals, providing education on pregnancy, parenting and child development. We remain proud to be the SCNY chapter of the National Cribs for Kids program through which we distributed cribs and safe sleep education to 75 families this year who had no personal resources or other way to access a crib for their infant. Our PAL Centers hosted 469 families this year. Families benefited from a variety of activities and supports as well as had the opportunity to connect and engage with other families while at PAL, complete both formal and informal parenting education programs and access our Kids Clothing Closet addressing a critical need. We assisted 128 biological parents and other family members in connecting with their children currently in foster care through over 1,600 supervised visits and individual mentoring. Through our teen pregnancy prevention programs 1,824 middle school students participated in our Draw the Line and Making Proud Choices programs which focus on teaching teens about healthy (vs. unhealthy) relationships, goal setting, setting personal limits and making smart choices about drugs, alcohol and sex. 542 high school students participated in our 10-16 day Be Proud, Be Responsible program which targets high risk youth, providing sexual health education as well as essential life skills, and 2,287 teens completed one or more of our Life Skills programs such as Learning Challenges, Safe Dating, Money management, Apartment Hunting, Healthy Eating, Legal Jams and more.Our health insurance navigators assisted 5,62individuals with health insurance enrollment through the NYS Marketplace, and our Community Health Advocate assisted 635 individuals with problem resolution related to their health insurance coverage, resolving coverage issues, denials of claims, addressing billing issues and a myriad of health insurance related issues and saving them a total of $173,000!Mothers & Babies relies on government and foundation grants to provide primary support of our programs. Yet with declining government resources, we are competing for smaller pools of funding and up against the larger metropolitan areas of the state which are being prioritized for services. Community support is absolutely essential for our sustainability and we are so very grateful for the numerous instances of community support over this past year. We continue to work with NYS and the local PPS - Care Compass Network to work toward the states goal of reducing unnecessary hospital and emergency department admissions for individuals with Medicaid/public health insurance coverage. Our partnership with CCN is continuing to enable us to expand our service reach assisting more high need individuals and families access essential medical treatment and health supportive services.Our Board of Directors and Administration staff remain committed to ensuring program effectiveness, organizational efficiency and integrity, as well as ensuring financial sustainability. Within each focus area, strategies include enhancing partnerships and establishing new relationships as we know no single agency or provider can improve community and family/individual health alone. Visit our website: for more information about our programs and to access our annual report.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Sharon ChesnaExecutive Dir.40$97,500
Colleen Mannix-HillFINANCE MANAGER37.5$23,531
Andrew MariettaVice President1$0
Maire LoweryBOARD MEMBER1$0
Shari SterlingSecretary1$0
Kurtis FlorenceBOARD MEMBER1$0
Tera StantonBOARD MEMBER1$0
Susan Seibold-SimpsonBOARD MEMBER1$0
Danielle BulgerBOARD MEMBER1$0
Eric DenkTreasurer1$0
Karen RoeskeBOARD MEMBER1$0
Holly Brozzetti FullerBOARD MEMBER1$0
Zachary L MajkaBOARD MEMBER1$0
Lyubov NixonBOARD MEMBER1$0
Lesley FreyBOARD MEMBER1$0
Natalie KnudsonBOARD MEMBER1$0
Theresa Levine EsqBOARD MEMBER1$0
Richard Keehle JrPresident1$0
Maureen HankinBOARD MEMBER1$0

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