1239 Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788

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Organizations Filed Purposes: Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ Church

The organization preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught individuals how to live good christian and moral lives. The organization also held Sunday School classes, where the church not only taught adults, but children and the youth, high morals and standards to achieve a real relationship with God, their friends and families.

On Sundays and other days of the week, the organization conducted praise, prayer and worship services, where many physical and spiritual needs were fulfilled.

The organization also held special events and services, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July barbeques, Christmas and New Year events for all people to interact in fellowship, and many christian concerts.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Leonel MataPresident25$14,400
Marta MataTreasurer15$0
Sonia BardalesSecretary15$0

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