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Organizations Filed Purposes: Provide positive alternatives to violence, and develop teens and young adults into peer leaders. L.I.F.E Camp builds partnerships between com-munity stakeholders within the public and private sectors,to collec-tively and collaboratively address youth violence as a public issue.

Cure Violence and TherapeuticThrough the work of our Cure Violence and Therapeutic Wellness teams, we responded to shootings and other violent crimes in both the streets and hospital in and around our target area. We have built relationships with high-risk youths and adults which enabled us to intervene in escalating conflicts, prevent retaliation and possible future escalations. We have served as a liaison between law enforcement and gangs to provide first-response needs to the community. Continuous stipend leadership programs for our youth. Finally, we have provided mentorship and therapeutic services to individuals at a high-risk involvement in shootings and killings. Mobile Trauma Unit Highlight: Launch of our Queens Mobile Trauma Unit which allows us to provide on-going and on-demand Therapeutic Services and Professional Mental Health Services on wheels.Our 35-foot RV, aptly named the PeaceMobile, connects community members impacted by the trauma of violence; we deliver culturally responsive, unconventional therapeutic experiences andwellness practices designed to minimize and overcome the impact of trauma, restore internal balance and mitigate further risk of becoming a perpetrator or victim of violence. Youth ProgramOn Thursday October 3, LIFE Camp hosted Technology Thursdays. Thisevent is available on every Thursday for participants. The goal ofTechnology Thursdays are to get the youth excited about technology. Onthis specific Thursday the youth used video games to improve theirconcentration skills, hand/eye coordination, and social skills. Video gameshave been proven to capture players attention, with the right trainingyouth can learn to apply these skills to their everyday lives.The computer Technology Learning Lab (sponsored by Spectrum)

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Erica FordChief Executive Officer40$213,552
Robin KearseAssociate Director40$107,077
Philip BanksMember0$0
Tamar OgburnBoard Chair4$0
Eddie SternSecretary4$0
Adina CallendarMember4$0
Nantasha WilliamsMember4$0
John RiceMember4$0

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