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Organizations Filed Purposes: To promote the learning of Chinese Language and Culture.

The Mission of the CCC is to promote the learning of Chinese Language and Culture, to facilitate the integration and assimilation of its members into society, to engage in community service and be an integral part of the Capital Districts constituency makeup.

1. During the fiscal year, we had over 400 students aged 6 to 50 enrolling in Chinese Language classes of various levels for a 28-week program. We had 51 dedicated teachers, parents and volunteers making this program feasible. 2. We held students enrichment programs such as field trips and story telling events.3. We hold annual college application seminars for the parents and students.4. During weekends, we have club activities which include, but not limited to, chorus, photography, Ping Pong, Maths classes, lectures on Chinese Cultures for all members of the community. 5. We hold an annual Free Healthcare Check-up for the community with over 500 attentees.6. We put on an annual Spring Festival presentation at the EGG, Albany, NY for the entire Capital Districts.7. We organize annual social events such as picnic and moon festival for the community. 8. We participate in the annual Festival of Nations, food bank and other volunteer activities in the Capital District.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Mary ChenBuilding Mgr4$0
Jian XuBoard Member2$0
Jie WangPrincipal5$0
Fei HanBoard Member2$0
Wang ZhengBoard Member2$0
Zhengyu HuBoard Member2$0
Xiaoqing ZhangBoard Member2$0
Haiting WangBoard Member2$0
Weihua TongSch PTA Chair4$0
Daisy LinVice President2$0
Li ZhangPresident2$0
Hongbo CaoSch Cou. Chair4$0
Feng LinIT Director2$0
Guoping FeiController4$0
Pengbo SunBuildg Director2$0
Lee-Hua MiawChair4$0

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