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Organizations Filed Purposes: In 2019-20, NYC Outward Bound Schools served 18,216 NYC youth and adults by bringing Outward Bounds approach to teaching and learning to NYCs public schools and other youth serving organizations. (Continued on Schedule O).

To effect positive and lasting change in the lives of New York Citys young people and their public schools.

NYC Outward Bound Schools Network We operate a citywide network of public schools that fully embody our educational approach. Our network is mainly comprised of district schools but also includes one public charter school. All of our schools are unscreened, which means that there are no tests or other special requirements for admission. We support our Network schools by providing: coaching and professional development for teachers and school leaders in the implementation of EL Education, a whole school model with its roots in Outward Bound, character and leadership development programming for students, and To & Through College programming aimed at supporting our students most of whom will be the first in their families to attend college -- in applying to, enrolling in, and completing college. (Continued on Schedule O).

Adventure and Team Building Programs Some of the most important lessons are learned outside of the classroom. Drawing upon Outward Bounds nearly 80 years of preeminence in experiential education, NYC Outward Bound Schools offers a range of Adventure & Team Building programs for students and educators. We offer these programs on a fee-for-service basis to New York City public schools, private schools, universities and other youth-serving organizations. Each program is organized around one or more of the following themes: Leadership/character development; service; and academic enrichment. They can be school and/or field-based and can be targeted to youth and/or adults. They vary in length from one day to a year, and take place during the school day, after-school, on weekends and/or in the summer. (Continued on Schedule O).

Select Strategies for Schools In addition to operating our network of schools, we also bring the most effective and replicable school-wide structures and classroom practices from our Network Schools to other public schools throughout New York City. These Select Strategies are specially designed to strengthen schools capacity to build positive culture and/or deliver demanding and engaging academics. We help each partner school adapt and implement one or more of these Select Strategies to address an articulated area of school need. (Continued on Schedule O).

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Richard StopolPresident & CEO40$200,840
Calvin HastingsChief Sch. Officer40$189,592
Paola VitaChief Adv. Officer40$156,039
Ann MorrisCOO32$146,595
Jill RubioCHIEF PROG OFFICER40$131,661
Jessica SeesselSchool Designer40$126,395
Ingrid WongSCHOOL DESIGNER40$120,900
Suzanne YadavBoard Member1$0
Kimberly GrantBoard Member1$0
Eric GioiaBoard Member1$0
Patricia FrancyBoard Member1$0
Liza Burnett FeffermanBoard Member1$0
Amanda VaughnBoard member1$0
Carol DersarkissianBoard Member1$0
Jennifer StredlerBoard Member2$0
Charles BenditBoard Member1$0
Geoffrey WordenTreasurer2$0
Dwayne AndrewsBOARD MEMBER1$0
Alphonse LemboBoard Member1$0
William ThompsonBoard Member1$0
Josh StruzzieryBoard Member1$0
Burton StaniarBoard Member2$0
Konrad SchwarzBoard Member1$0
Anna SedgleyBoard Member1$0
Joel PerelmuthBoard Member1$0
Lisa MoranBoard Member2$0
Jonathan MillerBoard Member1$0
Jeffrey GuralBoard Member1$0
Bonnie KleinBoard Member1$0
Alexander GorenBoard Member1$0
Larue GibsonBoard Member2$0
Vicki FoleyVice Chair2$0
Mark FeldmanBoard Member1$0
Michelle AllenBoard Member1$0
Allison FeldmanBoard Member1$0
David DaseBoard Member1$0
Christopher CroftBoard Member1$0
Allen BurtonBoard Member1$0
Quemuel ArroyoBoard Member1$0
Mark AbramowitzSecretary2$0
Jennifer DillonBoard Member1$0
Jane GreenmanVice Chair2$0
Steven BusseyBoard Member1$0
Gifford MillerChairman5$0

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