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Organizations Filed Purposes: To generate, disseminate, and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics.

Publishing:The ASA publishes (a) The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America in print, CD ROM and online formats: Circulation 6,800 members and approximately 800 institutions worldwide; (b) JASA Express Letters in print, CD ROM and online formats. This is an open access publication and can be accessed by anyone with a connection to the Internet; (c) Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics in online format. This is an open access publication and can be accessed by anyone with a connection to the Internet; (d) Acoustics Today magazine in print and online, an open access format. Circulation 6,800 members and approximately 800 institutions worldwide; (e) Standards on acoustics in print and online formats. ASA members may download 5/year for free online; (f) Books in print and online format; (g) a demonstration CD, 3 CD paper collections, a DVD and two videotapes; (i) Online archival publications including Echoes, Acoustics Research Letters Online, Noise Its Uses and Control magazine and Sound magazine.

Meetings: The ASA holds 2 meetings each year typically attracting about 1000 attendees each. Meetings provide the venue for the exchange of scientific information among scientists worldwide. Meetings include 800 to 1300 individual technical presentations, technical committee meetings, standards committee meetings, and networking events.

Outreach Activities:The Acoustical Society of America's (ASA) outreach encompasses activities aimed at K-12 students and teachers, the general public, the press, acousticians in different stages of their careers, other acoustical societies, and organizations in scientific disciplines other than acoustics. Outreach events are held at meetings of the Acoustical Society of America and meetings of other scientific organizations. ASA also organizes and supports its own symposiums, workshops, and conferences and those of other organizations both in the US and abroad. Other outreach information is provided via ASA websites including,,, and Education Coordinator is a staff member who is responsible for coordinating several of the outreach and education activities of the Society. Other activities are conducted by ASA staff members in other positions and by ASA member volunteers.ASA members have developed a resource kit which is distributed free of charge for K-12 educators. The kit contains tools, videos, and lesson plans for teaching various acoustics principles. ASA holds two meetings each year where many outreach activities are held. Events for K-12 students include demonstrations of instrumentation and acoustic principles for participation by middle- and high-school students and Girl Scouts. Several technical and social events are planned specifically for students to encourage them to attend meetings. Student Award competitions are conducted at these meetings including awards for best paper and poster presentations. Travel support is provided for student transportation to attend meetings. ASA also provides activities and support to encourage attendance by early-career acousticians and women acousticians such as Early-Career Retreats, Fellowship and Grant Panels, Women Young Investigator grants and Dependent Care grants. Social events include a Students Reception and a Women in Acoustics Luncheon. Activities and events for all members include Gallery of Acoustics awards for videos and audio files and ASA Jams, where attendees can participate in live music presentations. ASA has begun a program to Live Stream technical sessions to those who cannot attend meetings in person. About half of the sessions are selected for live streaming. Anyone with a connection to the internet may connect to these broadcasts. Some sessions are also available for viewing for a couple of weeks after meetings. Outreach to science reporters is provided via Press Conferences of selected topics broadcast live over the internet. Reporters can participate in these press conferences and interact with the presenters. Prior to the meeting press releases and lay versions of presentations are made available on the ASA website, In addition, ASA partners with the American Institute of Physics to provide Inside Science News Service which creates and provides videos and news stories about acoustics and other scientific disciplines which are posted online.ASA participants in events sponsored by other organizations including hands-on exhibits at USA Science and Engineering Festivals in which the world's leading scientific and engineering societies, government agencies, and STEM organizations participate, and exhibits at PhysCon, a physics congress that brings together physics students, and faculty members. Since 1976 ASA has participated in the annual INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair by providing awards for high-school student presenters, their mentors, and schools. ASA also contributes to travel support for the USA team to attend the Physics Olympiad, an annual physics competition for high school students.ASA sponsors its own special meetings and symposiums including ASA Schools, a biennial event for graduate students and early-career professionals, and an Animal Communication Symposium for scientists, engineers, biologists, and students working in animal bioacoustics. ASA, in coordination with the International Commission for Acoustics, provides funding for specialty symposia in acoustics in developing countries. ASA is a member of the International Commission for Acoustics and the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, both of which conduct international meetings for acoustical scientists and contains information for the science reporters and the general public about topics on acoustical science. is a webpage aimed at K-12 students and educators and the general public containing videos, lesson plans, demonstrations, projects, career information, and a college and university program directory. is the open-access online site for online publication of ASA's quarterly magazine, Acoustics Today. is the corporate website of ASA. In addition to information for its members and links to its publications, the website includes resources about Classroom Acoustics, videos about acoustics research, and sound files with accompanying explanations about the sounds.ASA sponsors biennial Science Writing Awards for Professionals in Acoustics and for Journalists which are intended to recognize excellence in the presentation of acoustics related topics to a popular audience. Cash prizes and travel support to an ASA meeting are provided to winning entries.ASA authorizes the formation of Regional and Student Chapters which provide outreach to acousticians across the United States. There are currently 13 Student chapters and 13 Regional Chapters. These groups hold periodic meetings for acoustics students and professionals and demonstration session for K-12 students. ASA provides annual financial support for chapter activities.ASA has supported international education activities in developing countries since the 1990's by providing financial grants to students in developing countries. Over 300 grants have been made to students in South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. ASA provides a program of fellowships, scholarships, awards and grants for students and post-doctoral researchers working in the field of acoustics. These include the Frederick V. Hunt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Acoustics, The Leo and Gabriella Beranek Scholarship in Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control, Raymond H. Stetson Scholarship in Phonetics and Speech Science, the Frank and Virginia Winker Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Study in Acoustics, the Robert W. Young Award for Undergraduate Student Research in Acoustics, and the Royster Prize. These awards include stipends of various amounts and some include travel support to attend ASA meetings. Since 1993 ASA has provided an annual Fellowship to a student in the US who is a member of one of the following underrepresented groups in science: African American, Hispanic American, or Native American. The grant provides an annual stipend, plus travel support to attend an ASA meeting.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Susan E FoxExecutive Director35$253,581
Elaine MoranDirector of Operations35$189,926
Mary GuillemettePublications Manager35$106,251
Daniel FarrellWeb Office Manager35$101,871
James LynchEditor-in-Chief21$72,000
David FeitTreasurer14$27,594
Christopher J StruckStandards Director8$26,010
Tyrone M PorterCouncil Member1$0
Brian Cj MooreCouncil Member1$0
Michelle A VigeantCouncil Member1$0
Michael VorlaenderCouncil Member1$0
Preston S WilsonCouncil Member1$0
Tessa C BentCouncil Member1$0
John A HildebrandCouncil Member thru May 20181$0
Andrew J OxenhamCouncil Member thru May 20181$0
Ronald A RoyCouncil Member thru May 20181$0
Michael R StinsonCouncil Member thru May 20181$0
Scott D Sommerfeldt Vice President-Elect thru May 2018, Council Member1$0
Peggy B Nelson Vice-PresidentElect as of May 20181$0
Michael J BuckinghamVice President1$0
Victor W SparrowPresident-Elect as of May 20181$0
Lily M Wang President-Electthru May 2018, President5$0
Marcia J Isakson Presidentthru May 2018, Council Member5$0

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