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Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: The Museum of Modern Art is a private, nonprofit educational institution chartered by the Department of Education of the state of New York in 1929 to foster public awareness of modern and contemporary art. Continued in Schedule O.

The Museum of Modern Art establishes, preserves, and documents a (Continued in Schedule O) permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, presents exhibitions and educational programs, sustains a library, archives, and conservation laboratory and supports scholarship and publications. The Form 990 is one of several reports the museum makes available each year. The Museum encourages it to be read with the audited financial statements, which provide additional financial context. these documents as well as previous years reports can be found on as can be seen in the audited financial statements, operating expenses of $230.4 million exceeded operating revenues of $226.0 million by $4.4 million.In FY 2020, the Museum finished with an operating deficit, while at the same time re-aligning its cost structure to ensure long term fiscal sustainability concurrent with a macro-economic business recovery from the pandemic.

Museum Operations - Curatorial and curatorial support departments include conservation, education, exhibitions, creative, publications, library and archives. The Museum was founded in 1929 as an educational institution and maintains a vast breadth of educational programming, which increased in the years after the opening of the renovated and expanded main facility in 2004. In FY 2020, through diverse education programs, approximately 1.3 million onsite visitors to MoMA had access to or participated in interpretative programs to support their learning in the galleries including labels, audio content (offered in nine languages), gallery tours, interactive spaces, workshops, visual description tours for the blind and partially sighted, and resources for other individuals with special needs. Continued in Schedule O.

In FY 2020, over 1,200 works were added to this collection, both by donation and by purchase.

Security, operations, and maintenance of exhibition galleries and art collection.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Glenn D LowryDirector/Ex-Officio Trustee40$1,905,602
James GaraCOO/Assistant Treasurer40$1,277,900
Anthony WaiChief Investment Officer40$788,976
Peter ReedSr Deputy Dir for Curatorial Affairs40$671,977
Todd BishopSr Deputy Dir of External Affairs40$525,171
Jean SavitskyDir. Real Estate Expansion40$511,222
Emmanuel PlatDirector, Merchandising40$500,298
Patty LipshutzGeneral Counsel/Secretary40$468,585
Thomas RandonGeneral Mgr - Retail40$457,892
Jan PostmaChief Financial Officer40$396,927
Ann TemkinChief Curator-Painting&Sculpture40$391,703
Ramona BannayanSr Deputy Dir for Exhibitions40$389,258
Christophe CherixChief Curator - Drawings and Prints40$387,655
Odessa MatsubaraChief Human Resources Officer40$381,586
Christopher HudsonPublisher40$378,082
Rajenda RoyChief Curator - Film40$370,207
Tunji AdenijiDirector of Facilities and Security40$321,964
Stuart ComerChief Curator-Media&Performance Art40$309,372
Nancy AdelsonDeputy General Counsel40$294,488
Ruth ShapiroDirector of Business Development40$289,392
Martino StierliChief Curator - Arch. and Design40$278,117
June Noble LarkinLife Trustee0.5$0
Wallis AnnenbergLife Trustee0.5$0
Jeanne C ThayerLife Trustee0.5$0
David Rockefeller JrLife Trustee0.5$0
Howard GardnerLife Trustee0.5$0
Douglas S CramerLife Trustee0.5$0
Eli BroadLife Trustee0.5$0
Edgar Wachenheim IiiTrustee1$0
Gary WinnickTrustee1$0
Alice M TischTrustee1$0
Xin ZhangTrustee1$0
Steve TananbaumTrustee1$0
Tony TamerTrustee1$0
Daniel SundheimTrustee1$0
Jon StrykerTrustee1$0
Anna Deavere SmithTrustee1$0
Anna Marie ShapiroTrustee1$0
Richard RothTrustee as of June, 20201$0
Emily Rauh PulitzerTrustee1$0
Sharon Percy RockefellerTrustee1$0
Michael S OvitzTrustee1$0
Eyal OferTrustee as of October, 20191$0
Maja OeriTrustee1$0
Daniel S OchTrustee1$0
Peter NortonTrustee1$0
James G NivenTrustee1$0
Philip S NiarchosTrustee1$0
Khalil Gibran MuhammadTrustee1$0
Jill KrausTrustee1$0
Werner H KramarskyTrustee thru August, 20190.5$0
Barbara JakobsonTrustee1$0
Ac HudginsTrustee1$0
Kathleen FuldTrustee1$0
Glenn FuhrmanTrustee1$0
Laurence D FinkTrustee1$0
John ElkannTrustee1$0
Joel S EhrenkranzTrustee1$0
Lonti EbersTrustee1$0
Glenn DubinTrustee1$0
Anne Dias GriffinTrustee1$0
David DechmanTrustee1$0
Steven CohenTrustee1$0
Paula CrownTrustee1$0
Edith CooperTrustee1$0
Patricia Phelps De CisnerosTrustee1$0
Clarissa Alcock BronfmanTrustee1$0
David BoothTrustee1$0
Lawrence B BenensonTrustee1$0
Sarah ArisonTrustee1$0
Richard E SalomonVice Chairman/Treasurer/Trustee1$0
Marlene HessVice Chairman/Trustee1$0
Mimi HaasVice Chairman/Trustee1$0
Sid R BassVice Chairman/Trustee1$0
Ronnie HeymanPresident/Trustee5$0
Leon D BlackChairman/Trustee5$0
Donald B MarronPres Emeritus/Trustee thru Dec, 20191$0
Marie-Josee KravisPresident Emeritus/Trustee1$0
Agnes GundPresident Emerita/Life Trustee0.5$0
Jerry I SpeyerChairman Emeritus/Trustee1$0
Robert B MenschelChairman Emeritus/Life Trustee0.5$0
Ronald S LauderHonorary Chairman/Trustee1$0

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