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Organizations Filed Purposes: Our mission is Giving Hope To The Hopeless. SNARR Northeast focuses on those animals least likely to receive another chance based on physical disabilities, illness and varied medical needs. We strive to prove these animals in need have the desire for a second chance, the will to survive and the ability to heal and thrive with a renewed spirit. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire our shelters and the public to view these animals with the same confidence and compassion. Our goal is to educate our communities and supporters and implement necessary programs and change that will help to end the needless killings in shelters across our country

SNARR Northeast pulls dogs from high kill shelters all over the country with a focus on the local NYC, NJ and surrounding area shelters. Although the title speaks for itself as Special Needs, SNARR also saves perfectly healthy dogs as well. The rescue is not picky, as long as they can figure out a safe, responsible home for an animal to be placed. Big, small, thin, fat, young, old, healthy or sick... SNARR will do their best.

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Courtney BellewPresident45$0

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