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Organizations Filed Purposes: To improve the health of those we serve.

OhioHealth's primary purpose is to provide diversified healthcare services to the community and is a provider of services under contractual arrangements with the Medicare and Medicaid programs as well as other third-party reimbursement arrangements. Together, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Grove City Methodist Hospital, OhioHealth Berger Hospital, and OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, LLC (a joint venture owned 51% by OhioHealth Corporation) are united in our mission to provide quality, compassionate healthcare and to be responsible stewards for our community's health. For more than 100 years, it has been this way. Even as the face of healthcare continues to change, the commitment of OhioHealth endures: ensuring quality care for everyone, regardless of their faith, race, age, or ability to pay. We never lose sight of our mission "to improve the health of those we serve" and our core values - compassion, excellence, stewardship, integrity, diversity and inclusion. They continue to guide us in our work today. OhioHealth touches thousands of people, saves lives, improves their health and makes their future a little brighter. Through our shared mission, vision and values, we touch more lives in Central Ohio than any other health system. As a system of faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare providers - together, we are OhioHealth.

In fiscal year 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020), OhioHealth, with its member hospitals and homecare organizations, provided charity care and community benefit programs to a great degree. In total, OhioHealth provided $479.1 million in charity care and community benefit programs and services reaching hundreds of thousands of people in the communities we serve. Of this total, $306.1 million was provided by the hospitals of OhioHealth Corporation (Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Grove City Methodist Hospital, OhioHealth Berger Hospital, and OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, LLC, a joint venture owned 51% by OhioHealth Corporation). During FY2020 the filing organization's operations were significantly impacted by the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic as shelter-in-place orders and government mandates to suspend elective procedures were implemented in order to combat the outbreak. OhioHealth honored its commitment to the people of Ohio by providing care for patients and support to the communities served. OhioHealth provides medically necessary services without charge or at amounts less than its established rates to patients who meet certain criteria under its charity care policies. In assessing a patient's ability to pay, OhioHealth not only utilizes generally recognized poverty income levels of the communities they serve but also includes certain cases where incurred charges are significant when compared to the patient's financial resources. Charity care is determined based on established policies, using patient income and assets to determine payment ability. OhioHealth provides community services intended to benefit the underserved and enhance the health status of the communities it serves. These services include 24-hour-a-day emergency rooms, community health screenings, forums for various support groups, health education classes, speakers and publications, hospice and medical research. OhioHealth has been able to achieve a greater impact in the community by partnering financial and human resources with other organizations. These expenditures include a commitment to the project to reduce infant mortality, pastoral care service, various civic sponsorships, and other community partnership programs. The Corporation's total benefit to the community includes the cost of charity care (net of assistance received from the Hospital Care Assurance Program), unpaid cost of Medicaid, and medical education programs as well as certain programs discussed above.

OhioHealth is teaching the doctors of tomorrow at its teaching hospitals. Together, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, and Doctors Hospital trained 299 residents at a cost of $77.7 million. These residents performed services to produce offsetting revenue of $14.1 million for a net community benefit of $63.6 million.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Blom David PFRM CEO40$19,173,700
Markovich Stephen E MdCEO/President/Board-OhioHealth (Start 7/19)40$2,229,969
Louge Michael WExecutive VP & COO40$1,936,793
Vanderhoff Bruce MdSr. VP and Chief Medical Officer OhioHealth40$1,327,725
Krouse Michael TSR. VP & Chief Transformation Officer40$1,094,531
Guth Joseph J MdPhysician - MNMAP40$1,047,173
Rama Bhola MdPhysician - MNMAP40$1,011,884
Beckel Johnni CSr. VP Chief HR Officer40$1,010,982
Harris-Muller Carrie ESr. VP Population Health40$923,260
Herbert Cheryl LSr. VP Regional Operations40$880,070
Morrison Karen JSr. VP Ext Affairs20$843,222
Meldrum Terri W EsqSr. VP & General Counsel40$790,518
Weeast JamesSr. VP Chief Information Officer40$704,703
Quinn Jessica LSr. VP Chief Compliance Officer40$702,626
Browning Mike PSr. VP and CFO40$606,188
Sperling RonaldFRM Interim CFO40$540,400
Gossett LisaSr. VP Chief Nursing Executive (End 7/19)40$519,494
Majzun Matthew DoBoard - OhioHlth (Start 1/20)40$173,322
Melillo Jason MdBoard - OhioHlth40$139,483
Hanly Donna LFRM Key Employee0$115,915
Casey John DoBoard - OhioHlth (End 12/19)40$72,003
Gavin ThomasBoard - OhioHlth (Start 1/20)40$8,790
Watson PeteBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Walter MattBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Schwemer JohnBoard - OhioHlth (Start 1/20)1$0
Root ChipBoard - OhioHlth (End 12/19)1$0
Romanelli Vincent MdBoard - OhioHlth (End 12/19)1$0
Palmer Bishop GregoryBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Palma Robert DoBoard - OHIOHLTH1$0
James DonnaBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Ingram LisaBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Hondros LindaBoard - OhioHlth (Start 7/19)1$0
Hamrock JoeBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Eichinger DavidBoard - OHIOHLTH1$0
Cook Karen RevBoard - OhioHlth1$0
Bradley Kevin GBoard - OhioHlth (Start 7/19)1$0
Mcconnell John PChair - OhioHlth1$0
Dewire Rev Dr Norman ESecretary Board - OhioHlth1$0
Anderson Kerrii BTreasurer Board - OhioHlth1$0
Akins NicholasVice Chair - Board OhioHlth1$0

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