101 Harris Road, Kilmarnock, VA 22482

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: The organization operates an acute care general hospital. The hospital has a community based Board of Directors, has an open medical staff, operates an emergency room providing care to all regardless of ability to pay, and provides non-emergency services to any with the ability to pay including Medicare and Medicaid covered individuals. The organization is dedicated to the provision of quality, compassionate care to all patients in the most cost effective manner. This will be accomplished through the most effective use of available resources and will reflect ethical decisions, including the effective management of pain, made jointly by the patients, the family, and health care professionals involved in its care.

Not-for-profit Acute Care Hospital

Rappahannock General Hospital, which is the only provider of inpatient and outpatient acute care services within a five county area, provides medical care to patients without regard to their ability to pay. Please refer to the Community Benefit information on Schedule H.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Randall ScottPsychiatrist50$245,739
William StallingsPrimary Care Physician50$233,442
James BryantInternist50$212,093
Paul OlsonInternist50$200,746
Ann GuminaVP Patient Care Services50$156,953
Maxine LuxtonPharmacist/OM50$122,919
Mark GordonFormer CEO - CHC0$0
Jim GodwinVP HR8$0
Christopher AccashianCEO-SFMC&CHC20$0
Stephan QuiriconiTreasurer, BSR-VP Finance10$0
Allen Goolsby IiiSecretary2$0
Bk FultonBoard Member2$0
Jane WatkinsBoard Member2$0
Deborah Ulmer Phd RnBoard Member2$0
Harry Turton JrBoard Member (End 12/17)2$0
Nancy ThomasChairman2$0
Shannon SinclairBoard Member2$0
Sr Victoria Segura Md CbsBoard Member (Beg 01/18)2$0
Joseph SchillingBoard Member2$0
Pamela Royal MdBoard Member2$0
Linda RigsbyBoard Member2$0
Sr Anne Marie Mack CbsPresident3.5$0
Joyce LanierBoard Member (Beg 01/18)2$0
Sr Rose Marie Jasinski CbsBoard Member (End 12/17)2$0
Birdie JamisonBoard Member (Beg 01/18)2$0
Bhb Hubbard IiiBoard Member (End 05/18)2$0
Morris Henderson D MinBoard Member (Beg 01/18)2$0
Chris Hairston-WhiteBoard Member2$0
Thomas GaynerBoard Member (End 12/17)2$0
John Daniel Iii MdBoard Member2$0
Elizabeth CrowtherBoard Member2$0
Chandrashekar ChallaBoard Member2$0
Janice BurnettBoard Member2$0
Stuart BuntingBoard Member (Beg 01/18)2$0
Jeffrey Brown MdBoard Member2$0
Jean Ann BollingBoard Member (End 12/17)2$0
Toni ArdabellCEO-BSV6$0

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