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Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Donald Wine IiBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Kyle WhiteBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Danielle TurnipseedBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Megan TooleyBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Paul TellerBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Kate SchislerBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Kimberly ReedBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Ethan PrallCO-CHAIR0.25$0
Marta Perez DrakeTREASURER0.25$0
John NelsonBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Louise MeyerBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Tricia MckittyBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Andrea MartinBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Roy KieferBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Jamie KhannaBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Vinesh KapilBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Chase JohnsonBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Vijeth IvengarBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Sarah HostetterBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Jill HomanSECRETARY0.25$0
Matt HepburnBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Amy HepburnBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Bryant HarrisBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Kim HanauerBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Arielle Horman GrillBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Christy GosnellBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Will GardnerBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Christine FulgencioBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Brian FitzpatrickBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Megan CheneyBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Steve ChartanBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Constance CantrellBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Kate BroganBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Eboni BledsoeBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Laura BlackwelderBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Anne BerryBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Pat Baker-SimonBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Baird BradleyBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Megha AgarwalBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Maria Laura AcebalBOARD MEMBER0.25$0
Margaret AbernathyBOARD MEMBER0.25$0

Data for this page was sourced from XML published by IRS (public 990 form dataset) from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/irs-form-990/201701309349202515_public.xml