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Organizations Filed Purposes: Our mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve through our commitment to a common purpose of better patient care, better community health, and lower cost.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Jonathan Carmouche MdPhysician50$1,439,752
Gregory Howes MdPhysician50$1,429,995
Eric Marvin MdPhysician50$1,241,301
Joseph Moskal MdSVP/Dept. Chair50$1,197,208
Jesse Seamon MdPhysician50$1,131,644
Jesse Stem MdPhysician50$1,099,883
Michael Nussbaum MdDirector50$620,605
Bruce Long MdPhysician50$486,487
Paul Skolnik MdSVP/Dept. Chair50$459,487
Daniel Harrington MdDirector50$458,681
Jonathan Gleason MdDirector50$438,257
Paul Haskins MdDirector50$390,793
Nathaniel Bishop DminDirector48.8$341,102
Jon Sweet MdPhysician50$307,519
Tracey Criss MdPhysician50$262,638
Patrice Weiss MdExecutive Vice President/CMO46$978
Nancy Howell AgeeCEO, Carilion Clinic2$0
G Robert Vaughan JrTreasurer0.5$0
Lauren SchantzAsst. Secretary8$0
Donald HalliwillAsst. Treasurer0.5$0
David HagadornAsst. Treasurer0.5$0
Nicholas ConteSecretary3$0
Isabel ThorntonDirector2$0
Kianna Price MarshallDirector2$0
Lee Learman Md PhdDirector2$0
Cynda Johnson MdDirector2$0
Janet FrantzDirector2$0
Katherin ElamDirector2$0
James Drougas MdDirector12$0
Elizabeth DoughtyDirector2$0
George Cartledge IiiDirector2$0
Jason BinghamDirector2$0
Damon WilliamsDirector/Vice Chair2$0
R Steve BlanksDirector/Chair4$0
Steven ArnerDirector/Pres./CEO38$0

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