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Organizations Filed Purposes: MarriageTeam was established to strengthen and save marriages by developing and delivering faith based marriage coaching services. It works with churches to develop effective coaching programs that are used for evangelical outreach to share Christ and biblical values for stronger marriages.

MarriageTeam had 305 inquiries and 178 intakes. It referred 26 couples to other resources that were more suitable for their presenting issues. 108 couples completed the intake process and started coaching and another 13 couples were coached in Eastern and Central Europe by MarriageTeam trained coaches. Volunteer coaches spent 4752 hours coaching at a nationally estimated value of $27.20 per hour for a value to the community of $129,250 of marriage saving and strengthening services. When the value of these services are added to the program service expenses, the total value of program services is $292,000 which approximates the actual total cost of the program ($313,000). With COVID, we actually saw a small decrease in the number of requests for service. We attribute this to people being overwhelmed and just trying to cope with the changes in their lives. What the pandemic did do was encourage us to develop live, online coaching training, which has significantly increased the awareness of MarriageTeam services around the country. In the last month of the FY, 43% of the requests for services were outside our area. it has also provided a way to train couples without having to have a host church, which was always a barrier. We are now able to equip one or two couples in an area from anywhere. Year over year we saw a 111% increase in requests from outside the area over the summer months.

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Nehemias GutierrezDirector1$0
Peter DurkeeDirector1$0
Brandon RayDirector1$0
Joel HuangTreasurer2$0
Autumn RaySecretary16$0
Scott HamptonBoard Chairman2$0
Al RayExecutive Director60$0

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