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Organizations Filed Purposes: To represent the legislative, regulatory and political interests of the retailing industry in the State of Washington at the local, state and national level; to promote the orderly development and economic advancement of Washington retailing and the state as a whole; to stimulate and enhance competitive enterprise with community responsibility; to provide programs of service and action in promoting the common interests of members; and to secure cooperation with and among other organizations in the furtherance of those objectives.

The Washington Retail Association supports an influential and dynamic industry which will look very different in coming the decade. The consumer is at the heart of this evolution and the industry transformation is at the forefront of all we do. Given the rapid pace of technological advances and social transformation, expectations for outstanding customer service and experience are now being set by forces outside the industry. Retail is no longer defined as on-line or brick-n-mortar but naturally movesacross multiple channels to meet the expectations of convenience.Changes in consumer behavior are forcing retailers to offer unique experiences or service that cannot be replicated online. Increasing numbers are focusing on shopping as entertainment - integrating retail with social or media driven experience. Despite these increasing pressures, the industry is growing nationally and thriving in Washington State's healthy economy. WRA members operate more than 4,000 storefronts in each of the state's legislative districts. Nearly 400,000 of the nation's 30 million retail employees work in Washington State. Retail employment has grown nearly 25% statewide in the past decade while taxable retail sales are up 35% in the past five years. Sales tax revenues fund the bulk of governmental social services throughout the state. This growth is fueled by high consumer confidence and some of the lowest unemployment rates in the history of our nation.Regardless, WRA's mission is more important today than it ever has been since its establishment in 1987. Despite the steady growth of retail, development of new technologies continue to change the retail workforce. This change is opening up new industry jobs and creating new career paths. As retailers respond to the change and disruption some retailers are continuing to prosper and others are struggling to innovate and reinvent themselves in order to survive. Industry threats are broader than just technology, experiential service, last mile delivery and convenience. Governments are increasingly leaning on the industry with burdensome regulations and labor benefits that threaten the livelihoods of entire businesses. Retailers, from national chains to sole proprietorships and everyone in between, need a focused and compelling voice to engage in the public debate of how best to regulate the industry and grow the economies it supports.This is the essence of WRA's role as Washington's exclusive advocacy group for retailers. At the same time, WRA offers an array of cost-saving services to add value to members. We plan to remain a pivotal player in working to anticipate and shape retail's evolution through the remainder of the decade and beyond.

Member ServicesThe Retail Industry is changing but our dedication to perfecting our members experience never will. Retail Association Services, a subsidiary of Washington Retail Association offers companies the ultimate "Boutique Experience" of services.Whether it be advocating locally, statewide or nationally for members or actively pursuing services that enhance their businesses, we are the association that understands not only the industry, but also the unique individual qualities of large and small companies in Washington State.Retailers representing all categories and sizes recognize the value of combining resources and ideas knowing that a strong association could achieve goals no single business could accomplish individually.WRA is the only organization that looks at every legislative bill and state agency regulation proposed, year-round from an exclusively retail perspective.Today the Association is recognized by merchants, legislators, state officials and other trade groups as a powerful and effective spokesperson for the retail industry.Retail Association Services offers one of the few ways in Washington State that employers can recoup some of the dollars paid in workers compensation premiums.Our very successful Group Retrospective Rating (RETRO) program offers members a financial incentive by providing a safe work environment and reducing work place injuries. We protect and save companies money and risk by implementing our aggressive pro-active claims management system, early return to work programs, loss analysis/risk assessments, and robust safety training programs. We have a proven record of success and offer our membership a financially sound program.

We continue to evolve update our services to correspond with the ever-changing needs of the retail industry. Our goal is to help companies be successful and increase profits. We offer members consultations and advice related to workforce issues. We have an HR expert on staff ready to assist and answer questions regarding rules and regulations in Washington State.We are a value-based organization and continue to build upon our 30-year reputation of trust and transparency. we pride ourselves on the flexibility, expertise and commitment to excellence our members have come to count on.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Renee SundePresident/CEO40$165,167
Mark J JohnsonVice President40$138,042
Sean BrownleeVice Chair1$0
Rob JensenTreasurer1$0
Theresa TreatChair1$0
Lowell GordonPast Chair1$0
Heidi HannamanBoard of Director1$0
Michelle MarkusBoard of Director1$0
Andy RyderBoard of Director1$0
Alesha ShemwellBoard of Director1$0
Karin HoltBoard of Director1$0
Arnold GrothuesBoard of Director1$0
Kevin JohnstonBoard of Director1$0
Ben PearlmanBoard of Director1$0
Blake GarfieldBoard of Director1$0
Jr BurkeChair1$0
Amy RhodesBoard of Director1$0
Deborah HerronBoard of Director1$0
Opio DupreeChair, Govt Affairs1$0
John DillonBoard of Director1$0

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