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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (Alto) was formed at the request of the indigenous peoples of Mount Tompotika, Sulawesi, Indonesia to assist them in their efforts to protect the magnificent natural heritage of their home place.We encourage direct, people-to-people contact between the residents of Tompotika and other conservationists who join us in this cause, so that we might learn from each other. Together we take direct, immediate action to prevent the extinction of Tompotika's endangered wildlife and the destruction of its native rainforests and rich coral reefs. At the same time, we work side-by-side to promote a deeper appreciation for nature and to create lifestyles and practices that sustain the lands and waters in which our communities are rooted.

Side by side with local people, AlTo works to conserve endangered species and natural areas on the Tompotika Peninsula. At the same time, AlTo supports the dignity, self-sufficiency, and sustainability of the human communities in the area.

AITo has continued providing school-age children books, via the local school libraries, as the local villagers requested more reading materials in their Indonesian language. the books provided are mostly published in English, and staff tape a Bahasa translation over the English text, which engages them in mult-language reading.AITo has maintained its Maleo Conservation Awareness Campaign in the schools. Field trips for middle and high school students have continued, which allows them to see their iconic bird in their nesting ground.The Awareness program involves presentations and discussions to local villages and law enforcement about the critically endangered species in the area, including anoas, babirusas, maleo, tarsiers, bats, as well as forest preservation. Collaborating with local organizations working in remote areas of Sulawesi, and working with ex-hunters and ex-poachers, increases the likelihood of holistic, successful and integrated outcomes where residents grasp that poaching and hunting is not beneficial to the greater community and surrounding environment.Maleos and turtles continue to hatch protected spaces; staff, ex-poachers, and ex-hunters are guarding site and nesting grounds. These efforts are proving fruitful to the recovery of the maleo in two spaces.

In February 2018, the Tompotika International Maleo and Sea Turtle Festival marked the fourth year of celebrating Sulawesi's heritage, using drama and music to share the stories of poaching, oil palm, conservation, species recovery, the beauty of nature, and more. The event is free to all comers and family-friendly, inviting residents of all ages. As part of the festival, the second Jackoustic event was held and musicians shared their performances relating to conservation and collaberating together to protect nature.

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Marcy SummersExecutive Director40$70,183
Virginia JamesCommunications and Outreach Coord20$12,385
Kevin SchaferVice President2$0
Yvonne KuperbergTreasurer4$0
Rayna HoltzSecretary4$0
Ellen KritzmanPresident2$0
Cliff RiceMember-at Large2$0

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