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Organizations Filed Purposes: Changing the way America cares for children and families.

Family Home Services consist of family homes for adolescents. These family homes are a family style, community-based residential program, which can serve six to eight girls or boys, usually ages 12-17. Married couples called Family Teachers are the primary treatment agents, along with a full-time Assistant Family Teacher. Family Teachers are responsible for structured supervision of youth in daily living and treatment activities. The couple and their assistant work on both treatment and skill building in the home with community and family resources in the childs life. A major focus of this program is teaching older youth functional skills - often referred to as independent-living-skills- that can help them achieve success in school, their families, and work settings. Educational activities occur both in the home and in the community-based school settings. Staff members work closely with social services and other referral sources to establish permanency for these children.

Intervention and Assessment Services consist of assessment and short-term residential. This program offers assessment and short-term emergency care in a caring and nurturing environment for girls and boys who are typically ages 10 to 17. Many youth who are served through this program are abused, neglected, runaway youth, or have been in trouble due to criminal or delinquent activities adjudicated. Referrals come from a variety of sources, including state agencies, juvenile courts, and private sources. This program provides mediation and counseling to strengthen families and emphasizes family reunification, if it is in the best interest of the youth. During their stay, youth participate in individual treatment planning to help them deal with their problems. Facilities where the program is offered may be described as staff-secure detention centers, emergency shelters, or short-term residential centers.

In-Home Family Services include family centered services, care coordination, comprehensive behavioral health assessments, and common sense parenting. Family centered services are an early intervention program designed to treat and address youth and family problems at home or school. It involves working directly with families through in-home services for two to four hours a week for three to six months. The main goals of this program are to build family strengths, teach new skills, and reduce out-of-home placement of children. This program is for families who need supportive services to address high-risk situations and to prevent early issues from becoming a crisis. Family centered services are also utilized to reduce delinquency or to make court involvement less necessary. Trained Family Consultants offer in-home counseling and skill development to children and families by providing teaching and instruction on specific skills and competencies. Family Consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family assistance includes focusing on the childs behavior and

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James BeckmanAssistant Secretary - FFBH Affiliates1$0
Catherine MelendezSite Financial Officer - Treasurer24$0
Greg ZbylutPresident/Executive Director40$0
Kelly CanovaDirector thru 6/20181$0
Keith BrittonDirector1$0
Brian KittleDirector1$0
Stephanie BaumgartnerDirector1$0
Gloria HollandDirector1$0
Paul MoletteireDirector1$0
Dustin LucasDirector1$0
Paul Matthew GoddardDirector1$0
Nick NickolaouDirector1$0
Dale ColemanDirector1$0
Nick MooreDirector1$0
Marci GordonDirector1$0
Victoria AndersonSecretary1$0
Dr Alfonso Mireles MdVice Chair1$0
Terry VargoChair1$0

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