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VisionFor years, helping countries in need has been driven by a model based on charity aid assistance - giving handouts to the needy. But this kind of aid creates a dependency that cripples people. NCF brings a new and invigorating model to missions: helping people to become self-sufficientStrategyNCF's strategy is to implement the principles of a "business as missions" organization. It focuses on partnering with people in developing nations to instill sustainable business practices while meeting the core needs of individuals and their communities. To enable the people of Ethiopia to be self-sufficient in all areas of their lives, NCF has created seven unique Initiatives: * Church Planting, Health Care, Education and Personal Assistance Initiatives all help foster "Community Development". * The Finance, Innovation, and Marketing initiatives all help promote "Economic DevelopmentMissionThe mission of the New Covenant Foundation is to: * Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ * Break the bonds of dependency on foreign aid by empowering individuals and communities to be self-sufficient Create a mutual partnership with people that enable long-term sustainability of their economy, their environment, and their community.Primary Focus1) Church Planting: The focus of New Covenant Foundation is to reach people for Jesus Christ. The Church Planting Initiative supports local church planters. Instead of bringing in foreign missionaries, NCF believes that the most effective way to spread Christs love is to enable people in their own country to minister to their own people. Currently NCF is supporting 105 church planters. In the past eight years these church planters have shared the gospel with over 200,000 people; nearly 15,000 people have received Christ as their savior and 145 new churches have been started. Today there are more than sixty additional trained church planters ready to be sent as soon as funding is available 2) Community Health Education: The focus is on the "preventative" not "curative" process. This is accomplished by providing basic health information and training throughout rural communities in southern Ethiopia. The training covers topics such as water purification, sanitation, agriculture, nutrition, maternal care and childcare, home care, prevention of disease including HIV/AIDS. They have shared this information in nearly 500 communities to over 900,000 people. Preliminary results show and estimated 50% reduction in the infant mortality rate and malnutrition rate.2017 New Covenant Missions Accomplishments165 Ethiopian families and 4 Kenyan families were provided a job to plant churches at a monthly income ranging from $130 300 per month.343 new House churches were formed and 141 locally sustained churches planted...762 indegenous churches planted1,515 leaders trained137,098 Ethiopians & Kenyans were invited to be a part of the churches and had the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared with them.Two new hand-pump water projects and one large scale treated water system for village of 7,000 people.Provided food, clothing, medical, and social care for 3,016 people.Provided cross-cultural training to a group of 91 Ethiopian University Students in the Afar region.Funded a short-term mission for 91 Ethiopian University Students to share their religion and provide basic clothing needs in nine different villages in Ethiopia.Provided free basic medical care for 3,016 Ethiopians through our indigenous medical missions program.Provided 200 leather bound Bibles for local churches.Provided 1,000 small booklet lessons about Christianity.Brought two different U.S. Church teams to experience the culture of Ethiopia and empower 10 Church Planter families with Bibles, evangelism equipment, and clothing.Gave Biblical training three different Universities.Funded a work for food project during the famine in Southern Ethiopia that employed 325 people for one week in order to provide food and basic needs

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Erik E LaursenEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR40$72,174
Craig MeredithTreasurer5$0
Michael StemmPresident30$0
Tom HartmanDirector5$0
James FrymerDirector10$0
Gebeyahu AberaDirector5$0

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