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Organizations Filed Purposes: FRA LLC's purpose is the management and operation of Fermilab, an international scientific user facility owned by the US Dept of Energy at which the fundamental nature of matter and energy is studied.

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) AWARDED THE MANAGEMENT AND OPERATING CONTRACT FOR FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY (FERMILAB) TO FRA, LLC, EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2007. FRA BUILDS ON UNIVERSITIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION'S 40-YEAR RECORD OF PERFORMANCE IN THE MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF FERMILAB; AND THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO'S LEADERSHIP OF ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY (ANL) SINCE ITS FOUNDING AS THE FIRST NATIONAL LABORATORY. THE FRA TEAM BRINGS RESOURCES, COLLABORATIONS, AND BEST PRACTICES TO ADDRESS THE LABORATORY'S CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. FRA SUPPORTS LABORATORY DIRECTOR NIGEL LOCKYER'S LONG-TERM VISION AND TOTAL COMMITMENT TO DISCOVERY, THE DOE SCIENTIFIC MISSION, AND ENSURING OUR NATION'S CONTINUED PREEMINENCE IN PARTICLE PHYSICS. Presently, Fermilab's primary ten-year goal is to establish a world-leading neutrino science program led by the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (LBNF/DUNE). LBNF/DUNE advances the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) plan by establishing the first phase of this facility with a new beamline and a far detector sited deep underground in South Dakota in the 2020s. As Fermilab steps into this new role as host lab for LBNF/DUNE, the organizational structure is adjusting to support the scientists, students, technicians and engineers who are and will be working at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in South Dakota. The laboratory has established a new Fermilab division, the South Dakota Operations Division, which is based full-time at SURF to provide the same range of operational and support services that exist at Fermilab's main campus in Batavia, IL.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Nigel LockyerPresident40$565,059
Lia MermingaPIP-II Project Director40$323,261
Joseph LykkenChief Research Director40$308,690
Christopher MosseyDeputy Director for LBNF40$295,479
Timothy MeyerSecretary/COO40$283,292
Alison MarkovitzChief Strategic Partners Officer40$269,847
Patricia McbrideFormer PARTICLE PHYSICS DIVISION HEAD40$254,144
James StraitSenior Scientist40$245,305
Vanessa PeoplesChief Financial Officer - Laboratory40$244,146
Martha MichelsChief Safety Officer40$233,641
Robert M RoserFormer LBNF Project Scientist40$230,124
Michael LindgrenAccelerator Division Head40$230,002
Randall OrtgiesenAsst Director for Facilities40$229,943
Seregi NagaitsevHead of Accelerator Science Programs - Partial Year40$225,287
John MyerGeneral Counsel40$222,713
Regina RameikaDistinguished Scientist40$220,563
Sergey BelomestnykhChief Technology Officer40$217,555
Kay Van VreedeAsst. Director Human Resources40$206,770
Josh FriemanHead of Particle Physics Division40$203,773
Elaine MccluskeyLBNF Project Manager40$203,526
Richard P StanekDeputy Chief Technology Officer - Partial Year40$201,618
Elizabeth Sexton-KennedyChief Information Officer40$199,935
Ronald RayMu2e Project Manager40$176,956
Karen KoskyHead of FESS40$172,553
Mary Jo E LykeTreasurer/FRA Interim CFO40$145,518
Robert K CollinsFormer HEAD OF FESS40$106,060
F Quinn StepanDirector - Partial Year2$0
Randy HultgrenDirector - Partial Year2$0
Christine GellesDirector - Partial Year2$0
Henry BartoliDirector - Partial Year2$0
Merdith Wb TempleDirector2$0
Joseph IncandelaDirector2$0
Hardik BhattDirector2$0
Juan De PabloDirector2$0
John WomersleyDirector2$0
Maxine SavitzDirector2$0
Jimmy SamartzisDirector2$0
Satyan PitrodaDirector2$0
Andrea MeloniDirector2$0
Rolf HeuerDirector2$0
Marta CehelskyExecutive Director2$0
William H JoyceVice Chairman2$0
Robert ZimmerChairman2$0

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