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Organizations Filed Purposes: Reconciled World, Inc. (RWI) exists to partner with churches and community-based organizations to promote social justice and economic development through application of doctrine from the Bible. RWI aims to to collaborate with and train other non-governmental organizations in its methodologies, including the importance of nurturing Biblical truth and addressing physical and spiritual needs in an integrated way. RWI creates programs that demonstrate the application of biblical doctrine to make significant impact in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: development of the economic potential of rural areas, vocational training, interventions for persons with disabilities, leadership development, and opposing violence against women.

Truth Centered Transformation - rural church training programTruth Centered Transformation (TCT) is a discipleship program for churches, which teaches Christians to bring all areas of life into alignment with biblical truth and to serve their communities with loving actions. The goals of the program are to see churches strengthened, communities move out of poverty, and God glorified. FY 2019 accomplishments:1.Curriculum: We continued translating modules into 22 African languages and 5 Asian languages. These translations are at various stages of completion.2.Training: Approximately 12,000 churches received training. 1,800 were in Asia. 10,000 were in Africa.3.Support to Implementing Partners: a. We provided coaching and discipleship to a total of 54 registered partners (up from 45 in 2018). b. 6 Regional Coordinators were trained and supported to provide coaching and oversight to registered partners. This included 2 week-long staff development meetings.

Idea SharingReconciled Worlds (RWs) Executive Director spoke at 2 conferences to more than 400 participants, where she introduced RWs core principles. We wrote and printed booklets for our 5 of 7 core principles (2 principles booklets were completed in FY2018), and distributed at least 150 sets of printed booklets. We also created a learning platform at where the booklets can be downloaded for free. The site also has articles related to the 7 core principles and summaries of the booklets. The Executive Director conducted skype or in-person meetings with 8 organizations who wanted to learn more about how to incorporate certain principles into their efforts. Assessment of Local Partner OrganizationsWe performed an assessment of each local partners alignment with RW core principles, effectiveness in programming, and readiness to share tools with others. As a result of these evaluations, recommendations were made for strengthening programs and organizational systems and strategies.

Wholistic Development CenterThe Wholistic Development Center (WDC) is a 2-year residential program that prepares students for a vocation, including programs for: electrician, handyman, house-helper, restaurant service, and office administration. The curriculum also focuses on soft skills for the workplace, such as honesty/integrity and work ethic. In FY 2019, 20 students graduated the program.

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Ena RichardsDirector1$0
John WoodSecretary1$0
Josh ButlerChairman1$0
Midori YanagisawaDirector1$0
Anna HoExecutive Dir.40$0

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