3409 N FIVE LAKES ROAD, Lapeer, MI 48446

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: The organizarion owns and operates a camp for physically challenged children so they can experience the same types of camp that is available to non-challenged children. A camp where these children can take hikes, swim, learn archery, team sports, etc.

The organization conducted a series of camps for physically challenged children so they can experience the same type of camping that is availabe to non-challenged children

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Michelle OhenleyCAMP DIRECTOR40$0
Al LindseyTREASURER2$0
Richard PfeifferVICE PRESIDENT2$0
Jim Leach JrPRESIDENT2$0
Traci TribleySECRETARY2$0
Jim PettinatoDIRECTOR1$0
Terance TreppaDIECTOR1$0
Justin FaberDIRECTOR1$0
Jim LykinsDIRECTOR1$0
Charles BlackburnDIRECTOR1$0
David WinemanVICE PRESIDENT1$0
Phil KrauseDIRECTOR1$0
Dennis KotencoDIRECTOR2$0
Wes WagwsterDIRECTOR1$0
Brian GilhoolDIRECTOR0$0
Dina DubuisDIRECTOR1$0
Alice ZajacDIRECTOR1$0
Heather OsipDIRECTOR1$0
Dave HackerDIRECTOR1$0
Jack PattonDIRECTOR1$0
Martha OwensDIRECTOR1$0
Phyllis BlackburnDIRECTOR1$0
Jake DashoDIRECTOR1$0
Jack BecherDIRECTOR1$0
Ron JohnsonDIRECTOR1$0
Tim RutkowskiDIRECTOR1$0
David HillDIRECTOR1$0
Kim LeachDIRECTOR1$0

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