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Organizations Filed Purposes: As the Sisters of Mercy before us, we bring to Life the healing ministry of Jesus through our compassionate care and exceptional service.

Mercy Hospitals East Communities operates two hospitals that are located in Creve Coeur (St. Louis metropolitan area) and Washington, MO.

Mercy Hospitals East Communities ("MHEC") provides quality medical health care regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, handicap, age or ability to pay. In active pursuit of this mission, MHEC provided services in fiscal year 2019 to 50,505 inpatients, 129,043 emergency room visits, 1,411,867 outpatient visits, 9,542 Births, and 451,281 clinic visits.MHEC is a Catholic health care corporation that, pursuant to the organizational core belief that health care services are a vital and integral part of the Church's healing mission, engages in a ministry which provides general acute care, ambulatory, long-term and home care health services to individuals and families in its service communities. Consistent with the organization's commitment to social accountability and the provision of community benefit, MHEC offers other services and programs which further health promotion, maintenance and care. MHEC's services include two clinics which were established specifically for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured and do not have a means to pay for healthcare services. These clinics provide a significant focus on prenatal care. Many clinic patients were also treated, on a charitable basis, as inpatients. In response to the increased needs of the underinsured in the St. Louis area, these clinics have continually expanded, offering new services to more patients. The institution continues to focus on the provision of primary health services and education to the community, regardless of their means to pay for these services. The organization also has a continuing commitment to health research and to health education at all levels.Although reimbursement for services rendered is critical to the continued ability to provide healthcare services to all patients, MHEC recognizes that not all individuals possess the ability to purchase essential medical services and, further, that part of our mission is to provide healthcare services and healthcare education to the communities in which our facilities are located. In keeping with MHEC's commitment to serve all members of the communities it serves, MHEC provides (i) free care and/or subsidized care; (ii) care to persons covered by governmental programs at below cost; (iii) health activities and programs to support the community; (iv) health education programs; and, (v) a variety of broad community support activities. Among the community support activities offered by MHEC are the following: Community Education Programs Community Referral Coordinator provided in Emergency Department to connect low income/uninsured patients with a medical home Financial assistance provided with medications Indigent Care Clinics Pre-Natal and Well Baby Care for the Indigent Health Fairs and Screenings Immunizations Smoking Cessation Programs Health Professions Education Programs Financial Counseling and Discharge Counseling Services for all Patients Social Workers & Community Health Workers provide free screening and assistance for social determinant of health issues (no insurance, housing, food, transportation, etc.)MHEC provides care to patients who lack financial resources and are deemed to be medically indigent. As defined by the institution's charity policy, MHEC does not pursue collection of amounts determined to qualify for charity care. In addition, MHEC provides services to other patients under the Medicare Program and various state Medicaid programs. Such programs pay providers amounts that are substantially less than billed charges, and frequently less than the cost, of the services provided to the recipients. Care is provided to those with limited or no ability to pay. The cost, net of any payment received (net cost), to MHEC of providing care to persons qualifying for Charity/ Medicaid, and to elderly and disabled patients under the Medicare program totaled $69,654,516 for the year ended 6/30/19. These amounts do not include the cost of health activities and programs to support the community, health education programs and other community support activities. The services provided by MHEC, as well as the amount of charity care provided, demonstrate the ongoing commitment of the organization to serve in a leadership role as an advocate for responsive healthcare services for the community, with a deep commitment and sensitivity to meeting the needs of the poor.Each activity for which income is reported in column (B) of Part VIII is undertaken in furtherance of the organization's healthcare and community benefit mission described above.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Mackin Stephen LPresident St. Louis60$948,340
Hintze PaulVP - Medical Affairs60$697,691
Eoloff Eric JPresident, Mercy Hospital Washington55$660,815
Nelson KathrynVP - Performance Improvement60$457,396
Crain ChristineCOO - Mercy Children's Services22$457,378
Weilbacher RobynCNO60$303,132
Timmerman John CVP - Operations60$251,365
Hassler Joe WChief CRNA60$231,623
Bollin Steven JVP - Support Services50$230,054
Clyne KimberlyNurse Anesthetist60$215,996
Richter LauraVP Mission60$205,481
Brand RobertNurse Anesthetist60$204,266
Frigo SteveExecutive Directory-Pharmacy60$191,094
Morgan TerriNurse Anesthetist60$189,964
Starke Md Keith MFormer Key Employee0$0
Frazier Donna MFormer Key Employee0$0
Sorensen DonnFormer Officer0$0
Yost Debra ARegional VP - HR10$0
Scoffic DeniseVP-Finance30$0
Rothermich AnthonyAdministrator, Mercy Hosp Lincoln25$0
Kalicak DonaldVP - Business Development & Planning31$0
Kahn Md JosephPresident - Mercy Children's Services8$0
Geldbach Patricia LVP - Mercy Women's Services50$0
Matejka Cheryl LChief Financial Officer8$0
Hannasch SusanRegional VP - General Counsel24$0
Wittenauer Rsm Sr MarilynnBoard Member1$0
Watz Tammy RNurse Practitioner & Board Member50$0
Voss KurtBoard Member1$0
Stroble BethBoard Member1$0
Sanford CassandraBoard Member1$0
Riechers Md ThomasPhysician & Board Member20$0
Rehm Md CharlesChief Adminstrative Officer & BM25$0
Penny MarkBoard Member1$0
Pennell RichardPhysician & Board Member65$0
Murphy Hill AnneBoard Member1$0
Mozeliak JohnBoard Member1$0
Miller Sr WilliamBoard Member1$0
Mcbride AnthonyBoard Member1$0
Martin Md ScottBoard Member1$0
Maroney John PatrickBoard Member1$0
Lamb Darren WBoard Member1$0
Kreutz Anthony JohnBoard Member1$0
Koelsch Linda CabriniBoard Member1$0
Kluesner GretchenPhysician & Board Member1$0
Kelly JohnBoard Member1$0
Johnston Jeffrey APresident East Comm & Board Member20.5$0
Halsted Md RobertPhysician & Board Member1$0
Glover Md EmilyPhysician & Board Member1$0
Glosenger Rsm Sr KatherineBoard Member0.5$0
Garcia Md EduardoPhysician & Board Member60$0
Galli Do WilliamPhysician & Board Member1$0
Evans Rsm Sr GayleBoard Member25$0
Eckelkamp Jr Louis BernardBoard Member1$0
Eckelkamp BonnieBoard Member1$0
Dumontier Md GaryPhysician & Board Member60$0
Diederich GeneBoard Member1$0
Darrell MarkBoard Member1$0
Coleman Dennis ChristianBoard Member1$0
Cleveland Md JeannePhysician & Board Member1$0
Bauer Phd JonBoard Member1$0

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