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Organizations Filed Purposes: Ministry to the poor by meeting human needs, promoting reconciliation, and by accompanying communities in their efforts to become self-sufficient, sustainable, democratic entities. Significant activities focus on sustainable development including public health, reconciliation and advocacy work, and educational opportunities.

Education: Quarterly newsletter (15,000 each time) in both electronic and paper formats; 28 ZOOM meetings (including participants from 14 U.S. states and Europe) with power point presentations; regional / national / international ZOOM meetings; delegations (2) and individual volunteers (26 international, 6 Nicaraguan medical interns, 35 lay community health); promoting training and ownership of program by those served; U.S. / Nicaragua health trainings (particularly in asthma, diabetes, sexual health, family planning , HIV, and infant care (126 trainings with 2,453 served); pre-COVID well-child visits in schools; pre-COVID oral hygiene health trainings in schools and community feeding centers; [Other trainings converted to one-on-one or small groups during COVID] community mental health trainings; continued a New Mothers' support group; maintained support groups for 12 at risk young women, 23 young men, and the LBGT community; presentation of cooperative and organic development via ZOOM meetings; developed 3 social media educational presentations; hosted 12 cultural and educational events utilizing Casa Ben Linder with 278 participants.

Development Ministries - Sustainable Agriculture: with 14 grower groups in COPROEXNIC representing hundreds of farmers; development of cooperatives with continued national trainings in business management, ZOOM connections with international resources people; participation in international production chain partnerships including direct subscription expansion through Farmer Shares, and expansion of office and processing plant capabilities with 42 workers and a manager; access to revolving loan fund and organic credit; participating in rural infrastructure improvements; sesame (1,233,000#s), organic peanuts (717,288#s), and organic coffee (22,777#s). Development Ministries - Health: Daily medical clinic provision for 12,284 patients with orthopedic and ob/gyn services, periodic medical specialists providing 288 EKG tests, 221 PAPs, and 671 ultrasound exams also in rural clinics, birth control for 863 people, expansion of dental procedures including 4,168 school-age patient cleanings, eyeglass fitting (415 patients), chronic patient care (140); medical lab tests (3,143); international volunteer participation. Weekend / Night-emergency nebulization treatments and first aid to 1,745 adults and children.

Reconciliation & Advocacy Work: Hospitality (daily); transport to medical facilities (monthly) and 183 home visits with patients pre-COVID; neighborhood resources community development (daily via WhatsApp & Instagram); liaison between U.S. donors and Nicaraguan recipients via ZOOM; family and domestic violence counseling (1,044 participants); participation in fair trade networks and in developing new contacts; microenterprise loans and projects (as needed); elderly in-home outreach service with home delivery of medicines during COVID; provision of 72 wheelchairs and crutches for home use. Provision of PPE for all staff and adaptation of all spaces to meet social distancing requirements for COVID protection. Hurricane relief - donations of clothing, household items, food, etc. to most-impacted communities. Climate advocacy - seeking methods to reduce paper use in clinic record-keeping, reducing fuel use, etc.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Daniel Earl MurdockVolunteer Staff full-time / Board Member40$6,000
Michael E WoodardVolunteer Staff full-time / Board Member40$6,000
Kathleen MurdockVolunteer Staff full-time / Board Member40$6,000
Katherine L FloerkeVolunteer Staff full-time / Treasurer Bd of Directors40$6,000
Becca Mohally RenkVolunteer Staff full-time / Secretary Bd of Directors40$6,000
Claudia SaballosVolunteer Staff full-time / Vice-Chp Bd of Directors40$6,000
Sarah Junkin WoodardVolunteer Staff full-time / Chairperson Bd of Directors40$6,000
Lila BermudezBoard Member2$0
Alex FranciscoBoard Member1$0
Jorge RivasBoard Member1$0
Paul SusmanBoard Member1$0
Jennifer AistBoard Member2$0
Michael C MurdockBoard Member1$0
Joseph Philip Woodard MurdockBoard Member2$0
Steve VirgilBoard Member2$0
Cassie IutziBoard Member2$0
Megan QuinnBoard Member1$0
Rebecca TrowellBoard Member1$0
Nora LawsBoard Member2$0
Paul Mohally RenkVolunteer Staff / Board Member20$0

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