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Organizations Filed Purposes: Wake Forest University, a 501(c)(3) institution of higher education, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the liberal arts and in graduate and professional education.The organization is comprised of six constituent parts: Wake Forest College; the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; the School of Law; the School of Medicine; the School of Business; and the School of Divinity. It seeks to honor the ideals of liberal learning, which entail commitment to transmission of cultural heritages; teaching the modes of learning in the basic disciplines of human knowledge; developing critical appreciation of moral, aesthetic and religious values; advancing the frontiers of knowledge through in-depth study and research; and applying knowledge in the service of humanity.

Wake Forest University is an institution of higher education dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the liberal arts and in graduate and professional education. It operates Wake Forest College, a graduate school of arts and sciences, and four professional schools.

Instruction of approximately 8,401 students in graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition to the U.S. campus, Wake Forest maintains five student learning centers in Europe, and has numerous study abroad programs available. WFU provides opportunities for foreign students to enter degree programs at the U.S. Campus. The Center for Global Programs and Studies manages the student exchange and study abroad programs, with 521 visiting students from 43 different countries. 75% of our U.S. students travel abroad for at least one program. Scholarships are awarded to eligible students based on financial need and academic merit. 54% of the graduate and undergraduate student population received financial aid awards. Approximately 4,039 students received scholarships or grants from the institution during the year.

Wake Forest maintains campus bookstores, housing and dining facilities, mail services and other program services, including Athletics. Athletic scholarships provided funding for 321 of our athletes during the fiscal year. The Wake Forest conference center serves both University and external constituencies. WFDD-FM Radio, the University's Public Broadcasting Station, provides a venue for teaching and learning as well as communication. The station serves the 32-county Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point market bringing music and culture, news and information to the public at large.

Wake Forest University maintains a campus with academic buildings, research laboratories, space for fraternities and sororities, and recreational facilities. The grounds add to the student experience. The organization also has other auxiliary enterprises designed to enhance and improve the University and the surrounding community. The University supports, with occasional gifts, local exempt organizations, in order to enhance arts and culture in the area.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Ronald D WellmanDirector of Athletics40$3,025,278
David P ClawsonFootball Coach40$2,250,573
Daniel R ManningBasketball Coach40$2,125,702
Nathan O Hatch PhdPres. & Trustee29$1,987,864
B Hofler MilamEVP, CFO, Treas37.5$684,156
Jay A SawvelAsst F'ball Coach40$618,711
Rogan Kersh PhdProvost40$591,565
J Reid MorganS.VP, Sec, G.C.19.7$560,012
Mark A PetersenVP - Advancement40$542,361
Ajay Patel PhdProf, Sch of Busns40$477,702
Charles L Iacovou PhdDean, School of Business40$471,033
Andrew R ChanVP Career Devel40$468,500
Michele Gillespie PhdDean, Wake Forest College40$307,959
Anita M ConradAsst Secretary21$194,592
John D Mcconnell MdFormer EVP Health Affairs0$0
James J DunnFormer Chief Invest Officr0$0
Julie A Freischlag MdEVP Health Aff.2$0
Eric C WisemanTrustee5$0
David I WahrhaftigCommittee Chair6$0
John M VannComm Vice Chair5$0
Shannan Spence TownsendComm Vice Chair5$0
Cathy Wall Thomas MdCommittee Chair5$0
Lloyd P Tate JrTrustee5$0
Ben C Sutton JrCommittee Chair6$0
Janice K StoryTrustee3$0
Harold O RosserComm Vice Chair4$0
Jorge RodriguezTrustee3$0
Prince Raney RiversTrustee3$0
Steven S ReinemundTrustee3$0
Ogden Phipps IiTrustee3$0
Jane McgrawTrustee3$0
John MmcavoyCommittee Chair5$0
James J MarinoCommittee Chair5$0
Michael Frank MahoneyTrustee3$0
John R LowdenTrustee3$0
Alice Kirby HortonTrustee4$0
Lawrence D Hopkins MdTrustee3$0
Frank B Holding JrCommittee Chair5$0
Richard Alan FoxComm Vice Chair3$0
Donald E FlowCommittee Chair5$0
Helen Hough FeinbergTrustee3$0
Mary R FarrellTrustee5$0
Curtis C FarmerComm Vice Chair5$0
Lisbeth Clark EvansTrustee6$0
Herman E EureComm Vice Chair5$0
Eric W Eubank IiComm Vice Chair4$0
Donna F EdwardsComm Vice Chair4$0
James E DixonTrustee3$0
Thomas A DingledineCommittee Chair4$0
Jermyn M DavisTrustee5$0
H Lawrence Culp JrTrustee3$0
Matthew S CrawfordTrustee3$0
Lindsay Nicole ChambersTrustee3$0
Jocelyn BurtonTrustee3$0
Thomas W BunnTrustee3$0
Peter C BrockwayCommittee Chair4$0
Morgan BriggsTrustee3$0
Jeanne Whitman BobbittCommittee Chair4$0
Shelmer D Blackburn JrComm Vice Chair5$0
John I Bitove JrCommittee Chair4$0
Mit B ShahBoard ViceChair6$0
David W DupreeBoard ViceChair6$0
Gerald F RoachBoard Chair15$0

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