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Organizations Filed Purposes: Washburn Center for Children helps children with social, emotional or behavioral problems lead successful lives by providing diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services to children and their families who are experiencing, or may experience, such problems.

Nurturing every child & family's well-being through transformative children's mental health care

Community Based ServicesCase Management services provide Hennepin County families with children experiencing severe emotional disturbances access to a variety of social services, including mental health, educational, interpersonal, vocational, medical, dental, insurance and recreational services. Case Managers serve children, ages three through 17, advocate on behalf of the children's needs and coordinate care across multiple providers. Approximately 487 children received Case Management services in 2019 and 441 in 2018.Crisis Stabilization provides intensive in-home therapy, skills building and parent support to increase stability and help children with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties avoid hospitalization or out-of-home placement. Approximately 655 children, ages three to 17, received crisis services in 2019 and 460 in 2018.Early Childhood Outreach provides observational assessment of children in Hennepin County child care and preschool settings. The program offers consultation and collaboration with teachers and guardians to identify and address social, emotional, behavioral and/or developmental concerns. Training to teachers is available on request. This program served 66 children, from birth to kindergarten, in 2019 and 97 children in 2018. Intensive In-Home therapy is available for families whose children, ages five to 17, are at risk of being removed from their homes due to severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. Therapists collaborate with parents in the home setting to improve family functioning and help children develop life skills to increase stability across settings. Approximately 224 children were served in this program in 2019 and 242 in 2018.Family Focused provides intensive in-home family therapy and a therapeutic preschool to strengthen the parent/child relationship and support the healthy functioning and development of children who are having social, emotional or behavioral difficulties and/or experiencing environmental stressors. This program served approximately 226 children, from birth to kindergarten, in 2019 and 177 children in 2018.

Outpatient Individual & Family TherapyThe Outpatient Therapy program provides mental health assessment and treatment for a wide range of mental health concerns for children from birth to age 18. Located at clinics in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park and Minnetonka, the Outpatient Therapy program served approximately 1,601 children in 2019 and 1,497 children in 2018.School-based mental health services offer families convenient on-site access to assessment, treatment and school consultation. Washburn Center clinicians are located at 2 schools in Minneapolis, Eden Prairie and Bloomington public school districts. The age of the clients vary by school. This program served approximately 578 children in 2019 and 565 children in 2018.

Intensive Therapeutic GroupsDay Treatment services provide a half-day therapeutic classroom to help young children with severe emotional and/or behavioral challenges gain the skills needed to be successful in their families, at school and in the community. Family therapy and school collaboration with the child's teachers is also provided. Approximately 108 children, ages three to nine, received Day Treatment services in 2019 and 113 in 2018.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Thomas SteinmetzChief Executive Officer39$172,710
Beth DahlineDirector of Operations39$128,884
Jennifer BrittonDirector of Clinical Progr40$127,351
Timothy FisherFinance Director39$114,804
Kathryn HudakHuman Resources Director40$113,656
Pearl DobbinsDirector of Equity and Human Development40$109,297
Amy Pfarr WalkerChief Advancement Officer40$104,191
Keith TanskiDirector2$0
Colleen SoukupDirector2$0
Tim RoseDirector2$0
Bryn RobertsDirector2$0
Noah JonesDirector2$0
Lauren GilchristDirector2$0
Mariana GiovinoDirector2$0
Val JensenDirector2$0
Audrey LucasDirector2$0
Brad BeckmanDirector2$0
Beth LarussoDirector2$0
Stacy KruseDirector2$0
Becky KriegerDirector2$0
Tom KingDirector2$0
Jasmine JireleDirector2$0
Marsha HopwoodDirector2$0
Brian HolcombDirector2$0
Art GardnerDirector2$0
C Bennice YoungDirector2$0
David DonnayDirector2$0
Tania DanielsDirector2$0
Heike Drake-CavallettiDirector2$0
Michael BrennanDirector2$0
Mike BrandrietDirector2$0
Peter BerrieDirector2$0
Suzy RiestererTreasurer2$0
Brent MarmoPresident2$0

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