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Organizations Filed Purposes: Our mission is to develop, support and promote a comprehensive Islamic complete way of life as delineated in the Holy Qur'an, and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We strive to provide charitable and humanitarian help to the entire community, as well as to reach out and present Islam through educational and cultural activities, which are consistent with the teachings and principles of Islam. We contribute to strengthen the bonds between Muslims and Non-Muslims alike by establishing a united community through effective interfaith partnership, tolerance, and respect amongst the people of Howard County MD and beyond

1. To uphold and apply the principles and practices of Islam as revealed to Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (PBUH). 2. To establish, maintain and operate Dar Al-Taqwa facilities for religious, educational and community services. 3. To organize religious, educational, and charitable activities for the benefit of Muslims, with particular emphasis on the residents of Howard County, Maryland. 4. Dar Al-Taqwa is a 501(c)(3) religious/charitable organization, registered in the State of Maryland. Our objective is to establish a multipurpose Islamic center that will address the needs of local Muslims of all ages.

Dar Al- Taqwa distributes through Zakt Committee , zakat / Zakat Ul Maal and Fitra to those who are most in need, in accordance with Islamic guidelines. According to the Holy Qur'an (9:60), there are eight categories of people who qualify to be recipients of zakat: The poor The needy Those whose hearts are to be won over Captives Those burdened with debt In the cause of Allah (SWT) Sick Most scholars agree that the poor and needy are the most important categories of people to receive zakat. Given that, it is acceptable to give your entire zakat allotment to individuals who are in those groups

Dal Al-Taqwa Weekend Islamic School With the help of Allah (SWT), the Mission Statement of Dar Al-Taqwa Weekend Islamic School is committed to the following principles. 1. Prepare our children to become Muslim role models, exemplary citizens in their communities, and to excel in their professional careers. 2. Inculcate in our children's Islamic values, habits, attitudes, high moral and ethical standards, tolerance, and patience that are characteristics of a good Muslim. 3. Teach our children to read and understand the message of the Quran, and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to apply these in every facet of their personal and professional lives. 4. Help students exit with academic skills at or above their grade level. 5. Engage the students in a rich curriculum to acquire the skills and love of effective learning. 6. Encourage the faculty and staff to communicate high expectations of and respect to every student. 7. Extend to the greater community, through partnership with parents a genuine appreciation of the value of excellence in education. 8. Empower the faculty and staff through mutual respect, ongoing training, strong leadership, and sufficient resources to implement an educational program of high excellence.

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Shaists HiraPublic Relation10$0
Assmaa El HagganTreasurer15$0
Adnan KhanGeneral Secretary10$0

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